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MCG Rings

4 votes


Rings for the mographers. Based on my VenetianBlind mcg, use this with a Bend to create rings of all sorts. Go nuts !!!

Combined with MultiSlicerRot

Any small donations to vusta@hotmail.com would be greatly appreciated. I intend to then fully donate onto the following:

Multi/Sub material&ID Assistant

1 vote

Hello! It's a simple script which allows to assign material IDs in different way. The script works with Editable poly only and with one object. So this script for those guys whose work a lot with multi/Sub materials. Many thanks!

main window

Simple Cabinet furniture maker

0 votes

MCG for creating a simple Cabinet furniture. You can add shelfs, worktop, doors and drawers and control their parameters.

bake animation to vertex

4 votes

convert animation to vertex animation,
convert Object PRS key to Xform modifier.

Fast Architecture

7 votes


Fast Architecture is a Maxscript that create a modern building structure, make your own design in real time, usefull to make cityscapes.

Oblong and Oblong Void Primitives

2 votes

Oblong and Oblong Void is a pack of two 3ds Max primitives.
-Change parameters in real time. -Map coordinates. -Separated Materials ID.

Copy Paste Image

4 votes

Just simple script to paste image form windows clipboard to 3ds MAX (as reference plate)

It can be used to copy paste selected from Photoshop, screenshot or web page

It reads proportion of image and creates plate with correct aspect ratio.

miauu's Work Plane

9 votes


9 votes

CorVex is a scripted geometry plugin for 3ds Max aimed at quickly building game level layout and walls. It offers convenient planar mapping controls for geometry that is controlled by spline bases.


Create Holes

8 votes

The script (modifier) for creating holes from the vertices.

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