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FBX to Biped

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You can convert FBX animation to Biped with this script

MCG Knit

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Simple knitting pattern with MCG.

Ver 1.01: with Grow available for the price of a beer....MY beer...

ProPal: Projection Tools for Baking Models into Tiling Textures

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ProPal is a scripted geometry plugin and a special custom attribute to work with Projection modifiers and InodeBakeProjProperties and InodeBakeProperties to quickly convert geometry into tiling textures with various render elements. For any geometry that needs to be baked into a seamless U tile (or a seamless V tile) this tool helps you accomplish it very fast.

MCG BraidGen

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Long story short, Braid tute from Kevin John, maxscripted by Trebor777, mentioned on MCG FB by Swordslayer....I reinterpreted it with my own eyes and MCG...cos I couldn't understand much maxscript...

Because of lots of twists and turns, I found the best way is to set the BraidGen Interpolation to 0, then use with a Sweep with Banking OFF, then TurboSmooth on top.

Ver 1.01: added Grow options, please see video.

MCG Valensine

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Forgot your flowers ? Forgot your chocolates ? Don't panic, it's MCG to the rescue...with a little help from Stu Pid. Yes, impress your partner with this MCG and it'll be alright on the night... (please engage in Make Up mode with discretion...)


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Purge Unused Materials

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A simple macroscript to delete all unused materials from the Compact Editor Material Slots AND the Slate Material Editor Views.
The Compact Editor Code is from the existing Macro found under the Compact Material Editor "Utilities" menu.
I have added the code to also purge the SME at the same time.

You might want to check out the "Purge Empty Layers" macroscript as well. There are some awesome scene management tools out there but these are both small, simple tools without a lot of overhead for doing a little housekeeping before saving your file.

3ds MAX to UE4 FBX Scene Export

3 votes

Here's a script that I've had tucked away for a looong while now.

Inset Scale

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Make inset polygon on no normal. Correctly to use this script for one groups of polygons. Values bridgeTwist1 and bridgeTwist1 need when got uncorrect result

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