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Here is a script extension to handle editable-patches with
maxscript : CryoPatch v1.1.0 It allows you to create and edit
any sub-object of a patch : vertices, vectors, mappings,
smoothings, and so on.


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Dispersion is when different wavelengths refract differently. I guess the most obvious case of this is a rainbow.

Real sunlight is a spectra containing basically an infinite number of wavelengths at once, and each of the different wavelengths will refract slightly differently... i.e. when a sunray hits a surface, one would (in principle) need to trace an infinite amount of rays around the scene to get the "real" effect.

Drag and Drop

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Implementation of new Drag and Drop features for 3ds max R4.x. Included
are DropClipFormat and handlers for both the command panel and
Written by Michaelson Britt, compiled for 3ds max 4.x by Conny Klasson

EcoCloud-Get your 3d asset in an instant!

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EcoCloud-Get your 3d asset in an instant!

1)EcoCloud is a 3d asset management tool for 3d artists.It Works on Windows 7 & 8 and is fully compatible with 3dsMax 7 and above.

2)The EcoCloud app is free to download -yet is the world's most advanced, user-friendly file organizer created specifically for 3D designers and artists.

3)Fully integrated with 3DXY
Get your 3dxy.com 3d models on your desktop!Automatic synchronisation of your downloaded files.

4)Works seamlessly with Autodesk 3ds Max

Extend XREFScene

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This little extension will expose the two functions "GetXRefFileName
index" and "SetXRefFileName index name". The bug which this allows us
to overcome is as follows...
When you load two XRefScenes which are the same file, the command
"XRefs.GetXRefFile i" will only ever return the first one. This is
because the names are somehow used as an ID.

MaxScript 2012-2015 CHM Help

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After some time looking to get back the behavior of the MaxScript help previous to 2012, I couldn't find any information to do:

Press F1 to open the CHM Help file (not a combination of keys)
Open a single instance of the CHM file
Pass the selected word to the Index tab.

Finally with the help of a "lost" little utility, I got it working (mostly) as it used to be.

What do you need?

1. The CHM file
2. The little utility "KeyHH.exe"

You can download the CHM files from the following links:

3ds Max 2012


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The MorpherCtrl extension provides complete access to the weighted
morpher modifier in MAX R3.0 – without this extension the access
provided is very limited. Using MorpherCtrl, you can assign and delete
new channels, set their weights and individual options, update and
refresh the system – basically drive any aspect of the UI or internals.


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...a high level MAXScript extension for Physique which allows for importing and exporting of nodes and weights.

RH Map Node Renamer

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It takes the material assigned to the selected object and assigns the name of the object to it. Then it checks if there is a bitmap texture assigned to "Diffuse", "Specular Level", "Opacity" and "Bump". If it finds a bitmap texture in the slot it renames the bitmap texture node to "Color", "Specular", "Opacity", "Normal". Then it also renames the textures asigned using the pattern "NameOfTheObject_NameOfSlot.*" ex. SmallBox_Color.bmp

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