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KIN Selection modifier tools

1 vote

2 modifier, setselection, invert selection, support soft selection, vertex, edge or poly, can animate.

(note: you need to add edit poly modifier before this 2 modifier.)


Loop Mesh Animation Modifier

0 votes

This MCG modifier allows you to create a looping mesh animation by referencing a duplicate of the mesh and the modifer will use this copy to blend the mesh back to the first frame by the end of the animation.

Loops from Surface

5 votes

Simple example of growing loops from open-ended surface. As such, it only looks for the first border and expands from there. Here it is shown on Cylinder with caps removed (default advanced sweep output would also work):

Math Float Controller

4 votes

My first MCG Controller, this is a super simple Math Float Controller, it allows you to mix controller types together without having to use a list controller. 

If you want to do something simple like have an object in a position and then add a noise controller to that position you can use this.

MCG $hithouse Door

2 votes

Creates a $hithouse door...hillbillies can MCG too...!!!

MCG + DCP Hitchcock Size

4 votes

2 ways to get your geo to stay constant size 'on screen'.

MCG uses cache method...which unfortunately is not permanent after you close/reopen a saved file, I suggest you Point Cache it out..or export as Alembic...etc... The DCP method will stick after you closed/reopened the file...but not everyone might have 2017.1.....so use the MCG. A pic does nothing to illustrate this...you'll simply have to watch the video...

MCG - stackMesh

6 votes

stackMesh will add another mesh on top of current mesh by keep watching the height from bounding box. it can be use for anything but for this example you can see the idea for mix and match the building just buy stacking one onto another. as result we can create model in non destructive way. also the great thing in max modifier is it so simple to arrange the order .

MCG 32BitPatternMaker

10 votes

This MCG allows you to make tileable geometries. Works on just about anything that has a Tesselate on it.

(The 32Bit refers to 32 Tris you can use to form a pattern. It does not impose restrictions on your software version or op system, you need at least Max 2016 that is...)

Updated Ver 1.01: compacted boxes, added Tile Mode

Ver 1.02: checkboxes are now buttons, also added a few more patterns...check out latest video.

MCG AccumFloat

1 vote

This Float controller accumulates value over the animation duration. It can also be used as 'memory' in High/LowWatermark.

ver 1.01: added Distance travelled

MCG Air Vent

0 votes

Creates air vent/grille facade to fit a frame. Cost: $5 USD. Please email [email protected]

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