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Proxy Manipulator

Proxy Manipulator


Proxy Manipulator



I had this idea for a simple controller that would filter manipulations and pass them on to other objects. It is based on the 'Gizmo Transform' controller that comes with CAT, but this one is a lot more sophisticated, and can do a few more tricks.

Universal Track Selector

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Multi Mesher

This is a quick FREE tool.
it acts like the Mesher, but instead of picking only one source object you can have a list of them.
And with some boolean options to intersect or subtract the meshes.

there is a add list for the boolean addition objects
and another one for the subtract objects

it keeps the animation...modifiers, and the uv's.

and the Source objects remains separate, so it'll not collapse it in one, like the boolean does.

you can also pick splines

installation :
1 : put the file in your script, startup folder.
2 : restart max

EchOoo PRO

this is the evolution of EchOoo : vimeo.com/100658873

This Pro version has now a lot more motion graphics options.
- copy N times the source object with an animated time delay.
- you can now offset the transforms of these time copies.
- rotate the copies around an animatable pivot.
- use a spline to place them, slide along that spline.
- create automatically new material ID's
- detach all faces
- random time offset

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