3D Printing Exporter and Organiser

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This is a beta script to export the contents of a build platform that you have organised in 3Ds MAX. Currently it only functions for scenes setup in millimeters, but I plan to set up and test auto scaling of all possible system unit combinations in MAX.

You'll notice a number of greyed out buttons, particularly if you don't have makerware installed. This just means that these features are dependent on content you don't have, or that I haven't completed them yet.

Additional Info: 

Current functions:

Shows build are of MakerBot Replicator 2

Clones then collapses your content for export

Provides cost estimates based on Shapeways material pricing

Exports various objects as one .stl file

Creates a custom profile for MakerWare and provides UI for modifying common slicer settings such as temperature, travel speed, filament diameter, etc.

Version Requirement: 
3Ds Max 2014
Other Software Required: 
MakerWare optional
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