[ 3dsMax <> UVLayout ] UVPipe mod by miauu

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Robert Fletcher, Norman Schaar aka "Norman3D", Kostadin Kotev aka "miauu"

This script will allow you to send the selected objects to UVLayout and get them back.

This is useful when you wants to have more than one object in the same UV square.

All editable poly objects from the selection(selected objects or groups) will be sent to UVlayout.

It's a modified version of Norman "Norman3D" Schaar's  script, which is modified version of Robert Fletcher's script.

Changes made by me:

  • Now you can send to and receive from UVLayout more than one object, not only one, as it is in the previous versions of the script. Idea Zarko Bojkovski.
  • The groups(nested also) are supported. 

Changes made by Norman3D:


  • User will now be given the choice to close UVLayout if the object was deleted while editing.
  • Rewrote script to support modifiers and avoid colapssing of the stack.
  • UVPipe will attempt to find uvlayout.exe automatically. 
  • Moved creation of temp and config files to User directories to avoid write-errors due to lack of admin rights in restricted environments, typically at work. 
  • Rewrote the functions so that no "temp" mesh is left behind in the max scene while editing. 
  • Objects with spaces in their names can now be send to UVLayout. 
  • Removed tiling button. 
  • Various bug fixes.

Installation: Drag and Drop the UVPipe_mod_by_miauu.mzp file on 3dsMax. A button will be automatically added to the Main Toolbar.



Version Requirement: 
up to 2011
Video URL: 
uvpipe_mod_by_miauu.mzp7.98 KB


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i m using windows 7 but in C:\Program Files (x86)\ no such directory is even found...

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The script works well on channel 1. But if i use channel 2, i receive an "unknown system error" in 3dsmax when receiving the UV's back from UVLayout.

called in UvLayoutRecieve(); filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\scripts\UVPipe\UVPipe.ms; position: 8606; line: 266

called in tmr_checkForUvs.tick(); filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\scripts\UVPipe\UVPipe.ms; position: 10228; line: 332

An easy repo is to take a box, create a UV ch.2, and send it to UVL to edit mode, channel 2. There do some modifications and send it back. The error occurs.

Otherwise very cool script because it works with multiple selections.

3dsmax 2012, x64, all SP's and PU's, UVL v2.08

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You have to select the uvlayout.exe, which is placed in the folder where the UVLayout is installed. On my Win8 the full path to the uvlayout.exe is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\headus UVLayout v2 Professional\uvlayout.exe

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uvlayout error

look I got this error...

1. when clicked on buttone dialog box appears for "uvlayout.exe"
where to locate this file ?

2. when cancelled it directly terminates the process as seen in second image screen shot


ref_001.jpg 120.92 KB
ref_002.jpg 103.42 KB
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The script works. What I have done:

1- uninstall UVlayout 2.06

2 - install UVlayout 2.08.01

3 - open 3ds max 2014

4 - create objects

5 - runt UVPipe script

6 - select the objects that I want to send to UVlayout

7 - press the Send Selection button

8 - UVLayout starts and the objects was there.

Watch this video - 3ds Max 2014 + Windows 8

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UVLayout 2.08.01 + Max 2014


it doesn't work with the new UVLayout Release: 2.08.01.
The Script doesn't find UVLayout, so if I hit the button nothing happens!


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I have tested the script on

I have tested the script on max2014 x64 and there are no errors when the UVlayout sends the objects back to the 3dsMax. Can you send me your scene?

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Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you for the feedback. Tonight I will try to fix this problem.

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I am using 2014 and attached

I am using 2014 and attached is a pic of the exception. I will email the file if you need it but its only a box with a chamfer on the top to tell which way is up

uvtest.jpg 146.35 KB
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Here the link to the

Here the link to the video.

There are some color glitches, but the reason is that I made the video on WinXP installed on Virtual machine.

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