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Version 0.2
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Geng Yuan



Bookmark Manager allows artist to capture camera position and orientation and store as bookmark in Max. Bookmarks can be added,inserted,renamed,deleted and sent to render. Double click on bookmarks would bring up property page and make changes. Selected bookmarks with renderable turned on can be batch rendered in different file format,resolution to user-defined output directory. 



Compile the script in Max and find it in CustomTools category. Bind preferred shortcut as you like.

                  + : Adding new bookamrk item to bookmark list.
                  ^ : Insert new bookmark item to bookmark list.
                  R : Rename selected bookmark item in bookmark list.
                  X : Delete selected bookmark item in bookmark list.
                  > : Add selected bookmark item to render llist,so the added bookmark would be renderable.
                  < : Remove selected bookmark away from render list,so this bookmark will be non renderable.
                 Update: Update bookmark manager when new cameras are added or existing cameras are deleted.
                 ClearAll : Permanently delete all of bookmarks away from current camera.
                 Dir : Change default ouptput directory for rendering bookamrk images.
                 BMK Render : Batch render all of bookmarks in render list.

                 1. Click bookmark in bookmark list or render list to update current camera in Max viewport.
                 2. Double click bookmark to bring up bookmark property page.
                 3. Any changes on bookmark property page,press OK to confirm.   
                 4. Delete all of bookmarks for current camera,LMB click ClearAll to delete and RMB click it to confirm.
                 5. Feedback information would be shown on the bottom of the main rollout.   
                 6. All the bookmarks can be saved and reloaded with scene.


Any bugs encountered or feedback,kindly write to [email protected].

Have fun!

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