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 # Script Features: 

the script is composed from 4 sub scripts:

  • Models Checker:

Check For Scenes and Objects Problems (flipped faces, Ngons Faces, Overlapping Vertices, Isolated Vertices, scaled objects, overlapping UVs, default Names, Hidden Objects, not grouped Objects, objects without materials, Missings Textures, defaults Materials names).

Batch check Files is supported.

you have the possibility to output checking results to HTML.

  • Problems Fixer:

Fix several geometry and scene problems (unhide all objects, link all objects to a parent to be able to move them at once, convert Ngons to Quad, remove Isolated Vertices, reset scale)
assign Material to objects without materials.
collect all textures used in the scene put them in the same folder as the 3ds max file,  then strip their path so they are relative, it will also clean material editor and remove un used materials.

  • Thumbnails Renderer

will render preview, wireframe, turntables,wire turntables and UV Cage thumbnails. you have the possibilty to batch render all cameras view in the scene.


  • Viewport Shooter

Take screenshots of the viewport(s) of your choice.

# Changes in the version 2.0
- the script is now separated into 4 parts for better organization and workflow.
- convert ngons to quad instead of tris.
-reset scale now use the reset features in the hierarchy panel instead of reset xform wich cause problems for linked and rigged objects.
-you have now the possiblity to check selected objects only check for the error before fix 
-more turbosmooth and mesh smooth disable options.
-added texture problems fixer that collect textures, strip paths and clean material editor.
-several options added to the thumbnails render with uv cage render as main addition.
-now include dettailled CHM help files that describe in details all features available and how to use them.
-the installer is much more flexible and easy to use.
-now support more render engines (Scanline, Mental Ray, Vray, Maxwell, Final Render). 
take a look at the video created by Turbosquid about main features of the thumbnails render. 

Additional Info: 

Created Based on Turbosquid Checkmate (TM) Specifications.
please read and accept Turbosquid's Terms of Use.(login on Turbosquid required)

Version Requirement: 
9, 2008, 2009 ,2010, 2011, 2012 ,2013 (3ds Max design version not supported)
Video URL: 


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tassel's picture

Thank you, great work

Thank you, great work :)

g1.bmp and g2.bmp is missing and gives an runtime error in my Max Design 2012.

		button MTPaths images:#("g2.bmp", "g1.bmp", 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) width:22 height:22 pos:[1025,592]

I just commented these bmp's out.

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

popa_3d's picture

for 3ds max design users

for users of 3ds max design, now the script come with alternative manual installation method.


popa_3d's picture


Thank you!

I have totally forget 3ds max design :(
the installer read value from registry key and test if there is a compatible 3ds max version installed on your machine.

3ds max (normal) has the following registry key

however 3dsmax design has the following registry key

this is why the installer didn't work...I will create one for 3ds max design in a later time.

kimarotta's picture


Good work man...

3d Artist  

tassel's picture

3DS Max Design 2012

The Installer does not work with 3ds max Design 2012 or?

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

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