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Vojtech Cada

Simple color mixer. You can change the number of segments of the gradient control and move the slider or enter a percentage to get a desired blend of two colors in RGB or HSV color space. The width of the dialog can be changed.

Color Mixer UI

I made this script because quite frequently in the past I had to reach for Photoshop or Mix color map just to find a value somewhere in-between two colors. This control offers more intuitive way of blending them and more control over the result. The two source colors and the resulting blend color are colorpickers and as such you can right-click them and copy/paste their values.

Installation: The .ms file can be run from any location (Maxscript -> Run Script...). If you want to put it in toolbar, menu or quadmenu, you can create a macroscript using Macroscript Creator.

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Version 0.06:
Works in newer max version now.

Version 0.05:
Right-clicking the bar gives option to copy color code to clipboard (RGB, HEX, HSB, OLE, approx. CMYK).
Code cleanup and refactoring.

Version 0.04:
Fixed a few bugs, including double gamma.
Thanks to MrTom and obaida for pointing out the issues.

Version 0.03:
Colors are now gamma corrected.

Version 0.02:
Added HSV/RGB color space switcher.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9, VIZ 2008
Other Software Required: 
for Max 9/VIZ 2008 AVGuard extension is needed
colorMixer.ms14.95 KB


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My mistake

You are right, I've attached the corrected version now.

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I think it's overwritten another of your scripts.


I've just installed this script by dragging the .mcr file in to max. When i go to customize user interface, the only thing listed in the advanced drop down is Render Info Strip, when i drag this on to a toolbar and run it, it open the color mixer!

Could you check this scripts .mcr to see if this is true or not.




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It would be nice to see the values as well. And possibly ad the hex number/letter as seen here.

so we could paste from photoshop to this.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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Great work SwordSalyer,
This is unique but very creative script. Great Idea.

Thanks for sharing the code as well

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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