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Copitor allow you to quick copy/paste selected objects to another Max scene or in another Max if you have 2 3dsMax open. I also like to use it like as a "quick backup" for try something, and to be sure to loose nothing :)

Installation: Drop The file in max viewport and go to Customize ==> Customize User Interface ==> Category: zOffTy Tools ==> Copitor

How to use Copitor

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What's new:

04/10/2017 v3
-Added Option button for toggle merge material from Copitor
-Fixed some issues when running copitor for the first time

04/08/2017 v2.5
-Slot6 ONLY can have a special folder to use it on lan network with NAS

03/07/2017 v2.3
-tested on Max 2018, all seem to be ok

08/05/2017 v2.2
-fix the undo state hidding grid and wire no more!
-thumbnail ratio change
-add 1 more slot

28/11/2016 v2.1
-Position of Copitor is now saved. If you want reset the position of copitor, go in your autoback folder, and open "copytor.ini" then delete 2 lines of [DialogPosition]
-Fix Thumbnails size
-Fix the undo state always hidding grid and wire

05/05/2016 v2
-Better ui for 3dsmax 2014 and newer
-add 5e slots
-Fix some crash

07/03/2011 v1.61
-Added on Scriptspot
-Fix some crash

16/11/2010 v1.5
-Add a 4e slot

02/11/2010 v1.4
-Fix some crash

30/10/2010 v1.3
-Fix some crash

29/10/2010 v1.0 !
-Launch !

Version Requirement: 
Max 8 to 2018 !


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zOffTy's picture

Thanks all :)

@omid3098, weird :/ Have you deleted all files in your #autoback folder?

@Barbiturat, mmmh I've not planned to add a clear button

@titane357, you can keep the grid if you want, just edit the script and comment these lines:
--viewport.setGridVisibility 1 off -- Cache la grille, cest moche!

omid3098's picture

Unknown system exeption

it seems there is something wrong here:
just copied a model from my scene and pasted into another clear scene.
it was working, but today I can not make it work any way.
I guess it may be related to scene units, because first time this happened was this difference. or maybe I'm wrong :-??
here is what listener says:

"I'm a virgin button !"
"I'm a virgin button !"
"I'm a virgin button !"
-- Error occurred in Pasteselected1.pressed(); filename: C:\Users\Consul1\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2011 - 64bit\enu\UI\usermacros\zOffTy Tools-Copitor.mcr; position: 3321; line: 64
-- Frame:
>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Unknown system exception <<

Barbiturat's picture

Thanks! Very useful

Thanks! Very useful script!
Can you make "clear" button for Copy/Paste slots?

vbn's picture

Great script! Just a minor suggestion...

Great script, zOffTy! Very handy for merging objects.

I have just one recommendation for improvement. I see that this script makes files in the project autoback folder. After I close the script and 3ds Max the files are still there. Wouldn't it be tidier and less resource consuming to make the script so that it deletes these temporary files after the objects are merged (or when 3ds max is closed)? I don't know if it's possible but just a suggestion :)

jsrocha's picture

cool script man,

cool script man, thanks!


titane357's picture

"Cache la grille, cest

"Cache la grille, cest moche!"...
Nice script, but MY grid is nice ! When it deseaper it looks like a "bug".
Works well on 2011 x64. Thanks

Michele71's picture

Nice plug ;) Thanks you! One

Nice plug ;) Thanks you! One point to you :)

jinj's picture


many many many thanks for sharing

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