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2.0 Beta
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DropBox is a 3ds Max scripting tool for creating a library of objects and scenes. It can be used as a clipboard with a list of objects.

NEW in 2.0:
You don't need waiting for file list updating. All processes run in the background.
Script window can be docked to MAX interface for comfortable access to library.

What is available for you with DropBox:
- folder list management
- copying objects to the library from 3dsmax scene
- copying objects by groups to separate files
- paste whole scene from library
- paste objects by name list
- paste objects by layer
- paste scene as XRef
- see the preview pictures of scenes in the library
- assign copy and paste operations to hotkeys like Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V
- save objects as FBX or earlier versions of 3dsmax
- dockable interface

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Versions History:
version 2.0 Beta
-Added folder tree
-Added folders preview
-Added window floating and dockable mode
-Improved interface customization
-Improved speed
-Implemented background updating for file list and folder tree
version 1.6.2
-Added option Collapse geometry when save
version 1.6.1
-Added small preview icons
version 1.6
-Added isolation while saving
-Added saving objects to separated files
version 1.5.5
-Adapted for 3dsmax 2020
version 1.5.4
-Added drag&drop
-Added merge options
version 1.5.3
-Fixed illegal characters when file saving
version 1.5.2
-Added merge by layer
-Added merge as XRef
-Added uninstall
-Added files changing monitoring
-Added settings
version 1.5.1
-Added hotkeys
version 1.5
-New UI
-Added UI properties saving
-Added folder list
-Added preview
version 1.0
-First release


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andrfil's picture

Okay, now you can download

Okay, now you can download and test fixed version. It's more stable and faster.

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Yes, there is such a problem.

Yes, there is such a problem. This is beta, so far I'm fixing bugs related to background list populating. In final version errors will be fixed.

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File explorer list scrolling hangs

Hello! Thanks for update! It seems we need make some tratments in file explorer code ! in 3ds max 2018 list of files hangs sometimes so i need restart script! I think it is due to long dirrectory name! Maybe there is another reason!

wezzard's picture


Hi Andrfil,
I inserted an image of what I do in order to workaround this small issue. So I need to delete the Xref controller in order for me to copy the newly inserted xref from where it is now and not from it's origin point. And I need to delete the Xref material in order to modify the material for this specific scene.
thanks you for listening!

example_a.jpg 356.86 KB
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Hi wezzard! Thanks for your feedback!
But I didn't quite understand your idea. What do you mean by 'merge the controller (and maybe material) by default'?

wezzard's picture

xref includes

Hi andrfil, thank you for this script it's very useful! I would like to suggest a feature for the next update: is it possible to merge the controller (and maybe material) by default(or have an option to) when we add an Xref? The problem is when I try to copy the newly insert Xref, it copies from the insertion point..

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Tell me, are thumbnails visible in Windows Explorer? If not, you must first solve this problem, because the script takes a preview from the file.
Now I can not test the script in 3dsmax 2019, so answer this question first.
Also problem may be that in the settings of the 3dsmax is not set save the preview. Check it please.

Mr.Neilen's picture

@andrfil, Correct me if I am

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the link only discusses an issue of a max file not able to preview in the open/save dialog of 3ds Max. However, this is not the case. For me, it is the preview thumbnail within your script that does not show up. Instead it just displays the 3dsMax icon.

andrfil's picture


Mr.Neilen, I did not test the script in 3dsmax 2019. But most likely the problem is the same as in other versions. Try to see this link:

Mr.Neilen's picture

all my preview objects not showing

Hi, I using your script in 3ds Max 2019. However, when I hover over a file it previews it as a 3ds Max icon. I made sure I had saved the file, but nothing changes. Did I do something wrong?

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