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DropBox is a 3ds Max scripting tool for creating a library of objects and scenes. It can be used as a clipboard with a list of objects.

What is available for you with DropBox:
- folder list management
- copying objects to the library from 3dsmax scene
- copying objects by groups to separate files
- paste whole scene from library
- paste objects by name list
- paste objects by layer
- paste scene as XRef
- see the preview pictures of scenes in the library
- assign copy and paste operations to hotkeys like Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V
- save objects as FBX or earlier versions of 3dsmax


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Versions History:
version 1.6.2
-Added option Collapse geometry when save
version 1.6.1
-Added small preview icons
version 1.6
-Added isolation while saving
-Added saving objects to separated files
version 1.5.5
-Adapted for 3dsmax 2020
version 1.5.4
-Added drag&drop
-Added merge options
version 1.5.3
-Fixed illegal characters when file saving
version 1.5.2
-Added merge by layer
-Added merge as XRef
-Added uninstall
-Added files changing monitoring
-Added settings
version 1.5.1
-Added hotkeys
version 1.5
-New UI
-Added UI properties saving
-Added folders list
-Added preview
version 1.0
-First release

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igamaximus's picture

Save files in previous versions

Thank you for your answer Andrey, i just purchased your tool.

Please see if you can add quick hotkey mode for copying and pasting between higher and lower max versions (and the same max versions as well) or FBX, this would give us more speed and less clicks whenever we really need it. When this "hotkey mode" is active, we don't need any new objects on the list, basically the script would work as copy paste objects script (free script by Cristopher Grant), but with great addition to work between different Max versions and with FBX.

Also, in File name dialog on your screenshot, please make your script remember current Max version and active Max/FBX radio button on each exit, so when we open File name dialog next time (start the script next time), the same radio button and Max version on drop-down meny will be selected automatically.

I will test if saved objects keep all asset paths, i suppose this will work as it should.

Thanks again for your work, i will update you with my impressions soon...

andrfil's picture

Save files in previous versions

The ability to save files in previous versions is present in the script. Hotkeys are not implemented now. Maybe I will add it in the future.

igamaximus's picture

Copy in 2015/2018, paste in 2012/2015 as Max format

Can you please tell me if your script is capable to provide feature above?
FBX is good, but it would be really great if the script could copy in, for example Max 2015, and then paste in 2012. In fact it would use feature to save selected objects as previous max version.

Also, to simplify and speedup the process, it would be important to have quick hotkey mode supported - copy with hotkey in higher Max version, paste with hotkey in Lower Max version, to instantly get our selection.

Thank you for your work.

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