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Oleksandr Kramer (Kstudio)

Using the FilePathFinder you can be sure that you have complete control over external links into your scenes.

Asset tracking features include support for XREF files and easy linking with external files.

Using the FilePathFinder (and Batch Render&Relink), you can search for missing assets and relink external files.

In addition, files that are linked to selected objects are displayed in Interactive Mode, and bitmap textures can be toggled and placed within the Material Editor.

Also with this tool, you can easily make an archive a 3ds Max scene.

Note that FilePathFinder supports the highest number of asset types of any plug-in.


The Batch Render&Relink tool helps manage your asset files into the 3D model and material libraries in Batch Mode.

BR&R is capable of rendering thumbnails for 3D models, materials, and IES photometric files.

Batch Mode makes for an easy way to gather and compile many assets at once.

The new version of FilePathFinder is released with support to 3ds Max 2025

and many new features that improve managing scene assets

FilePathFinder Pro version 4.15.06

  • Adds support to 3Ds Max 2025


  • Adds support to search/relink/collect/archive the content of IFL files.
  • Adds support to search/relink/collect/archive the content of Vrmat files
  • Adds support to archives larger than 4GB [Archive Asset Files]
  • Enhanced File Relocate Capability
  • Adds Ability to Sort Assets by Asset Type/Extension
  • Adds Ability to Include/Exclude Files from Renaming by Extension
  • Adds Ability to Include/Exclude Files from Collecting by Extension
  • "Duplicate Asset Replacement" Dialog UI Improvements
  • Adds Ability to Include/Exclude Directories from Searching by mask


  • Fixes an issue with converting some images to greyscale
  • Fixes an issue with converting some images to other formats
  • Fixes an issue with converting some images to greyscale
  • Fixes an issue with converting some images to other formats


  • Adds an ability to set different width/height for rendering preview thumbnails for models and materials
  • Adds an ability to turn off/on lights from model scenes on rendering preview thumbnails
  • Fixes some minor issues with relink material libraries
  • Fixes a bug when collecting maps for several materials libraries
  • Fixes an issue with rendering preview for scenes, that contain hidden layers
  • Fixes an issue with rendering preview for some models without studio scene


  • Fixes some minor issues with renaming multiple and single assets
  • Fixes an issue with storing some settings on relinking
  • Fixes an issue with rendering preview for files with missing assets using VRay with some specific settings
  • Fixes some issues with HiDPI screens
  • Fixes an issue with resizing images using a percentage value

See the full list of history changes on this page - Update History.


Asset Tracking

  • Search for missing assets
  • Relink external files
  • Collect external files
  • Archiving a 3ds Max scene
  • Ability to exclude files from collecting by type of file
  • Advanced Asset Renamer
  • Removing links from a scene
  • Ability to collect Asset files via clipboard and drag&drop method
  • PRO version includes the “Batch Render&Relink” tool for organizing Asset files for 3d Models and Materials Libraries in the batch mode
  • Support to xRef files
  • Batch Relink multiple files using “Fast Mode”
  • Support to almost all known renderers and plug-ins.

Selecting objects, work with materials and textures

  • Convert & Resize Images [PRO version]
  • Select objects by their links to files
  • Displays in interactive mode a list of files linked to selected objects
  • Place Materials and BitmapTextures into the Material Editor
  • Show/Hide bitmap in the viewport
  • Opening the files into the external application.

Misc Features

  • Auto-check for updates
  • Displays thumbnails for Bitmaps, 3d models, Proxy, IES, Material Libraries and other file-types (include formats HDR, EXR, PSD and others)
  • Various methods of display files in list: by type of files, linked to selected objects, by status, by mask of name
  • The “Batch Render&Relink” tool for rendering the thumbnails for 3ds Max scenes, Material Libraries and IES files
  • Collect the preview thumbnails with source files
  • Unostentatious and “Transparent” the demo-version
  • User-Friendly interface

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2016 and above
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trick's picture

Track, Sorry if I expressed


Sorry if I expressed myself not so clearly. I never had problems with the network card in my Dell machines. I just said that network cards are integrated. I did however have some persistent problems with NVidia graphics cards and dual monitors, which were related to the motherboard, so in the end they were replaced 4 times in a row, before the problem was solved. So you can imagine the trouble with all my licenses !!

Anyway: I know I will love your tool, I just hope I don't have to fight your licensing. Consider me your client ;)

Kstudio's picture

Really computers Dell such

Really computers Dell such unreliable?
For 10 years of use non-brand computers at me only 2 times broke motheboards.
Upgrade workstation as a rule happens not more often than an once in a year.

If your computer breakage, you can address to me for a new key earlier

then half a year , certainly if computers do not break too often.

trick's picture

That is a nice move ! But

That is a nice move !

But why not make some sort of transfer tool. Autodesk offers 2 authorisations when you are on subscription and also offers the PLU utility to transfer licenses yourself. So obviously there should at least be the possibility to do this for plugins. You can also build in a check whether one license with the same serial is used twice on the network, and therefore can not run. You can even generate a personalized key that can only be run on the network once: if this key is illegally used you simpy lose your license !!

I only need 1 license with 2 authorizations for work and home. But when I have computer trouble I really hope problems can be solved and are not limited by past authorizations !! Especially since network adapters in my DELL machines are integrated on the motherboard !! I did not have PC problems for quite some while but WHEN I have them they mostly come in waves.

Kstudio's picture

New system of licensing. Now

New system of licensing.
Now at purchase of one version you can receive 2 licences at once and if necessary 3 more,
but not earlier than  in 6 month or  rarely.

Maximum quantity of licences for the user - 5.

trick's picture

This script is not

This script is not Freelancer friendly:

- you are only allowed to install it on one workstation, so if you have a laptop you need to buy an extra license

- if in that time you want to move the license to a new PC or buy a new PC you will have to wait 6 months before you can use this script on it...unless you buy a seperate network card, attach the license to it and move that to the new PC

...very user friendly...

Reminds me about VRayScatter licensing...and compare that to Itoosoft's Forest Pro...

The price for this script is perfectly OK...licensing surely NOT !

Saetar's picture

FilePathFinder is the best

FilePathFinder is the best script in the class for operations with external files and is better than Relink Bitmaps, r7_relink_assets and others.

1. Very convenient collector of files
2. Сorrectly finds all missing files and it is possible to remove them easily
3. Friendly interface
4. Find and replace files and many other things

I seldom buy something, but this script I recommend to buy all.

Kstudio's picture

? Yet did not meet analogues


Yet did not meet analogues FilePathFinder with the same possibilities.

Show please still scripts which work with ALL external files,
Allow to search missing files, collect and sort files by filetype?
Choosing objects by their connection with file?
Have possibility conveniently to look through bitmaps?
To open bitmaps in Editors?
Elaboration of xRef files in automatic mode?
Renaming the links by mask?

kutsanan's picture

36 dollars agaist free

36 dollars agaist free Relink script? i ll add some images soon...

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