FlyWiz - Vray Flythrough animation wizard 1.1

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Jerome Prévost (Subburb)

This tool manages for you all the boring stuff to achieve a flythrough animation with Max And Vray.
All changes are made in the engine to help you control and render each necessary step.

Finally it can also do all the process in one click ! 

FlyWiz Screenshot

A Demonstration video is available here :

finally an easy way to make Flythrough animations !!

Hope you'll like it !


Version Requirement: 
Max 9SP1 to max2010
Other Software Required: 
Vray 1.5 SP2 to SP4


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patkok's picture

need help please..

Hi everyone, I got a question. Sorry for disturb. After i open 3dmax then i find my subburb tools. i only got solid rock one but i still cannot find flywiz script. i had already copy paste the 2 files to ui/microscript there. i follow website instruction. but i still cannot find flywiz at my subburb. May i know can anyone direct me to figure it out this problem that i'm going through?

thanks a lot

crystal3d's picture

Hey jerome, i want to tell

Hey jerome,

i want to tell you about a problem when i use both of your scripts, hope we can find a solution to this.

first i create a scene and tune it up with "SRocks" on production settings.

then i fire up flywiz and start a LC+IRmap calculation but even on a 12gig ram, LC pass takes more than 12gigabytes of ram to calculate a LC when LC sample size is set to 0.002cm.

i can only fix it by increasing sample size to 1.00cm.

btw, i use "deadline" manager for the farm and it uses saved files so,

a feature request for flywiz:

When i click "LC calculate" button, it can create a max file with apropreiate settings for LC, instead of initiating a render.

same goes for the IR map calculations aswell.

how bout it :)

crystal3d's picture

Hey Jerome!

it crashes on lightcache calculation if i use it in conjuction with SR 0.97.

it crashes even one 12gig workstation so its a problem.

what i do to over come this is , increase sample size of LC samples to 0.001 to 1 cm.

Niezpro's picture

great ... beautiful...

great ... beautiful...

studioQ8's picture

Fantastic script Hi The

Fantastic script


The Flythrough animation wiz and Solid Rock 0.97 is the most fantastic script I've ever used, thanks for your great effort guys you just know what we need.

Personal if not in others mind these script would be "Better" if it has the fallowing :

1-By using the fly through animation wiz when you click on "Achieve the whole sequence (1+2+3) in one go!" it actually stop on step 3 and ask me to open the IrrMap. it will be great if it can load the final automatically by its self.

2- I am not sure that this script was also meant to work with network render, but I have actually try to push the rendering to blackburner and it work fine except i have to do every things manually which make the script useless in Network render.
It Will Be much Better also to provide the script with network render option and customize the setting for using the server for LC & IrrMap. or Distributed rendering!!

3- the third and final part which can make your script flywiz and SR "Rock" is providing a preset method to render fly through animation with moving Objects specially with the "use of camera path in Vray sp4.

I Am Hopping to See Version 1.0 of Solid Rock with Flythrough animation wiz together as one integrated script solution which will take all the "VRay-headache" away

Again, this is fantastic script
thank you in advance for Version 1.0

hernandoloto's picture

greate scripts, but can you

greate scripts, but can you add option on time output using range value.


vklein's picture

Backburner rendering?

Backburner rendering?

Hi, fantastic script. It is possible to submit the final render job over to Backburner? It would help a lot.
Again thanks for the straightforward script.

gastinofer's picture

(from 1.20.


1.20. Render frame 435:

You can notice that in places where the camera gets close to a wall in the scene, the light cache samples are smaller and more noisy. This is because the light cache Scale is set to Screen by default. This is fine for still images, but for animation we would like a more even sample distribution. To achieve this, we will need to use the World option.

gastinofer's picture

Flythrough Anim Wizard LC

Flythrough Anim Wizard LC presets

Can I change the suggested settings for LightCache subdivisions? I want to use another subdivisions and i want to change the period of irradiance map frames...Can I?

Thaks...And sorry for my english.

peprgb's picture

Thanks for the tool, it seems

Thanks for the tool, it seems very useful. I am not sure about the results, yesterday i used your script for Exterior and Run scene, 800x600 pixels, got from the script 2837 samples for LC and World scale (following Cecofuli's comment), i got better results without script with 800 samples on LC and the same IM - Medium-Animation, here 1º, 2º and 3º (Single frame mode) results:

I think it's the lc which is giving the black splotches, doing Single renders is no problem (but get flickering errors....)








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