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Lite Free & Pro

A useful tool for furniture designers and small businesses that require the cutting of various materials (natural wood, laminated wood, MDF, plexiglass, etc.) without the use of CNC machines. It is a real time saver for quickly obtaining the consumption when cutting the panels.


The technician is responsible for the correctness of the generated size lists. The geometry in the scene must be carefully checked during modeling or after importing from other software. In addition, the furniture cabinets must be rotated to face the frontal view for a correct renaming of the names of the component boards, and the editing will be done gradually from the general properties (e.g. the predominant material type) to those specific to each individual article.
Parts must be modeled or imported as individual entities, not unified.
Parts oriented at various angles will have to be aligned on the world coordinate axes because the application interprets the gizmo geometry values of each selected object. https://youtu.be/dvFdFJQq0CI

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