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Francisco Hermida

Ver 1.2 - Check the New Video

HCG Asset Browser now FREE!

Current version:1.3.2

Additional Info: 

FIXING .NET error:

  1. Right click the .ZIP file and click Properties
  2. Click unblock button in "General" tab.

Warning: There is no automated installation process, read the readme.txt inside the hcgab folder for more information  

  • Installation folder is now C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\scripts
  • Settings file is now xml
  • When saving new models it will ask if you want to save the associated textures to a subfolder on the same folder were the model will be saved, the textures are renamed to "modelname - texturename" and reasigned to the respective bitmaps.

 v1.3.2 (2014-07-07):

  • Fixed incompatibility with 3ds max 2015

v1.3.1 (2013-12-17):

Know issues:

  • A few material features are broken at the moment.
  • The script will not import old settings.

  v1.2.5 (2012-10-31):

  • Fixed a bug with 3ds max 2013 product update 4

v1.2.4 (2010-11-07):

  • Fixed a bug when loading assets with invalid path.
  • Materials: Removed a error when trying to apply others types of items than materials like maps in the Materials categories.
  • Materials: Reorganized "UVW Set." Panel
  • Materials: Included support to save/apply VrayDisplacementMod with materials
    - At the moment it only save and load the bitmap path of the VrayDisplacementMod "Texmap' slot. "Use object mtl" to store complex Texmap


This script is Free to use


- See and generate thumbnails for your Models, Materials and Textures.
- With few clicks add Models, Materials and Textures to the scene.
- Paint geometry in the scene with a model in your Library.
- Apply materials with automatic UVWmap. The script save uvwmap information for future use.
- Replace models in your scene with another Model of your choice.
- Drag and drop textures to material maps.
- Clean and easy to use interface.
- Advanced options to fit your workflow.



  • Download installation file
  • Execute installation file
  • Start 3ds max
  • Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Keyboard or Toolbars> Category "HCG"> command "HCG Asset Browser PRO"
  • Assign a shortcut
  • Activate the shortcut


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014
Video URL: 
hcgab_1.3.2.zip2.79 MB


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mRorstad's picture

Just tried out the new

Just tried out the new version, it works great!


/Marcus Rörstad

Francisco Hermida's picture

Hi mRorstad, I just released

Hi mRorstad,

I just released a new version 1.2.3 that has changes to the "Add Models" feature. Now it recognize multiple groups and single objects selected. Please check the website for more information about it, i will update yet the scriptspot page about the changes.

Thank you to point this issue with the dot not working in the name of the model, i will have a look about it to make it work in the next update.

mRorstad's picture

I found this script very

I found this script very useful, and I am thinking of purchasing it.

One thing I was wondering though, are there limitations in the 15-days trial version which I downloaded and tried out?
I'm asking because I find the option to add multiple models into the browser a bit unreliable, and that concerns me since I need to add a whole lot of models, and don't have the time to add one by one.

EDIT: I found out what the problem was. The filenames can't contain any dots, so changing from chair.white to chair_white solved the problem.

/Marcus Rörstad

crystal3d's picture

i forgot to suggest for an

i forgot to suggest for an adress bar that we can paste folder paths, i like the explorer type navigation instead of predefining model folders.so

i know i suggest alot... but it s worth it , i think

Francisco Hermida's picture

Hi Bora, *add a shortcut key

Hi Bora,

*add a shortcut key to "new model":
- Shortcuts will be developed at some point

*save the model as rar file:
- I have it half done, and also something similar to materials.

I will make sure that i will include it in the next update.

*RAR FILE integration suggestion:
- I like your idea, I want to include something similar in the HCG Asset Browser, but I need to have some time yet to think how this feature can work with some other ideas that i have for this concept. Probably i will need some time using the feature to make it stable enough to include in the final build.

Finally I'm getting in the part of the script that development is fast and easy, so I hope to give frequently news about it.


crystal3d's picture

Hello Hermida! i have just

Hello Hermida! i have just tried the "new model" feature of version 1.1, i liked it very much, i have some suggestion, i think it will be perfect.

Suggestions for "NEW MODEL CREATION"

*add a shortcut key to "new model"

*save the model as rar file (it will include all materials assined to that object.) it will change the texture file's names by adding the model name in front.




when it promts for a model name, it will fill the name box by the object's name, it will apear as highlighted and so, just typing the name will clear the auto created name with the new one.

 RAR FILE integration suggestion:

the script will show the rar files that have previews just like it does with max files.

when double clicked, it will extract the contents of the rar file to "project folder's " archives folder,

while extracting the textures to that folder, it will append the rar file's name to them.( it should not extract paths)

 for example:


it has cory.max and 4 textures (leather 01.jpg, metal_ref.jpeg and so on)

when i double click the "rar" from the script's preview pane, the files inside the rar  will be renamed as "corbuiser_corby.max, corbuiser_leather 01.jpg, corbuiser_metal_ref.jpg and so on, and moved to project folder\archives.


please tell me what you think


 regards, bora




Francisco Hermida's picture

hi allimran: Can you look in

hi allimran:

Can you look in the max listener for any red error messages? (press f11 to open the listener). If you can send the erro msg using my contact here http://www.hermidacg.com/contact/ will be great.

I'm looking about it, and next update 1.2 should have it fixed. Thanks for that.

Francisco Hermida's picture

Crystal3D: - Overwrite


- Overwrite confirmation for models without previews.

The next update have a way to easily select items that don't have a preview, so you can queue the selection, and also an "only items without thumbnails" checkbox when you try to queue categories and sub categories. Will it solve the problem?

- 3ds support.

I'll have a look about this in the next update, maybe include others file types, need to check it, and also I did a mistake in the textures section that only shows jpg files, but it should show all the other supported files, it will be fixed also.

- Support zip and rar.

Looks like a good way to pack multiple files related to the model, i will study this idea, thanks for that spark.

Best Regards

crystal3d's picture

Me:"A confirmation for

Me:"A confirmation for overwriting the old preview image, like in acdsee that shows the old preview next to new one."

Hermida: "- I can't include this feature since it would break the speed of the script when you render multiple thumbnails, unless that you are thinking about this to solve another issue."

me:if not,maybe there can be a "check box" for updating only models without previews".

suggestion #1:

as you mentioned the upcoming feature "Replace content with selection", will it also remember that specific model's "camera angle and position, while applying "Replace content with selection"?

if it does, it will eliminate the "wrong-camera-angled-preview" created because of the model's wrong xyz orientation.

suggestion#2: 3ds support

suggestion#3: zip/rar file support

 showing the jpg as preview, and dragging the jpg into viewport will actually drag the rar file? there maybe no paint support for rar files i assume.


best regards,

allimran's picture

Chico Hermida Type error :

Chico Hermida

Type error : call needs function or class

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