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Batch Exporter

5 votes

RailClone 2 File

0 votes

3dsMax Script for Saving RailClone Objects to External Files .

NOTE : The Total Number Contains 2 Numbers the First is the total railclone objects , Second is railclones that will be saved .


12 votes

CorVex is a scripted geometry plugin for 3ds Max aimed at quickly building game level layout and walls. It offers convenient planar mapping controls for geometry that is controlled by spline bases.


Wall Worm Model Tools

60 votes

 A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max Wall Worm is the complete Source Engine Pipeline. With extensive exporters, importers, model, material and level design tools, Wall Worm makes working with the Source Engine fun.

Key Features


    10 votes

    PropLine Plugin for 3ds Max PropLine is a scripted geometry plugin that distributes props along splines with various parameters to control how the props are distributed and transformed. This tool replaces the Spacing Tool in Max in a totally parametric/non-destructive fashion. The transformations of the props can be easily retrieved later to export into game engines or other formats.

    Mirza Link Manager

    4 votes

    Keep your 3dsmax scene ready to render the latest state of your BIM/CAD model.

    Gamma Organizer

    31 votes

    New  v1.33.00 Pro

    This is script to change bitmap load gamma in whole scene or selected Bitmaps.
    It can change gamma in all / selected bitmaps (now filtered by selected objects).

    Doom Vraylight Portal Enabler/Disabler

    2 votes

    By Vin Carbone (doomgrave)

    This script will allow to Enable/Disable the Portal/Portal Simple option for Vraylights.
    The option has been hidden in Vray 5.2 but it's still working.

    1. Open the rollout,
    2. Make a selection of all the Vraylight you want to set
    3. Press selected function:
    Disable - to disable Vraylight portal option
    EnableLP - to enable Vraylight portal option
    Enable LP Simple - to enable Vraylight Simple Portal option

    It works with any selection and any Vraylight shape

    .ms file just run once and it will open

    Datasmith Layer Exporter (3DS Max to Unreal Engine)

    1 vote

    A simple maxscript that batches layer export to .udatasmith for Unreal Engine and 3DS Max users.

    Spline Arrow

    1 vote

    Easily and quickly create a variety of arrow splines in 3ds Max with this spline plugin. Users can further customize the shape with the parameters exposed in the rollout. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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