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Rearranges loops in regular n-gons.

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This modeling tool works with edge loops on planar and curved surfaces as well as cross-sections and accepts multiple loops at once. Valid loops must be closed, not branching and not connected to each other.

Installation: Drop the .mzp file in a viewport. The macroscript is saved in the userMacros folder. The tool is accessed through the right-click quad menu of editable poly objects when in edge, border or polygon sub-object mode. When downloading the file, its extension is sometimes changed to .zip. Just change it back to .mzp before dropping it in max.

For further customization, the tool appears under Regularize Edge Loop (Poly) in the Editable Polygon Object category of the Customize User Interface dialog.

v1.1: Just a tiny change in the code.  Works the same but is a little faster and clearer.

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max 9 and above
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@ Nik

Yes, it is present in 2013, simply doesn't work.

3ds Max Loop Circle:

Loop Regularizer:

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Very good script

Hey man! This is a very good script and it works in all contitions!
question: is it possible that it doesnt work when there is a stack on the object? It doesnt work for me if there are other editable polys with active selections under the current ed poly.


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It is present in 2012 3dsmax, just sloppy work

looptools.gif 47.08 KB
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Just cool! This should be

Just cool!

This should be included by default.

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Классный скрипт ,спасибо огромное!!!!

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Good work

Thanks, this is really good, and helpful :)

Using the Max 2013 circle tool results in a very distorted mesh, unless you are using it on a rectangle/square with divided edges, but no interior segments(so, create a plane, remove all edges inside it, without deleting vertices of outer edges) works, but unless its a perfect square, you end up with a oval. You also have to press the button more then once to get a proper circle, since each time it makes it slightly more circular.

Unless its different in previous versions, yours works a lot better, good work :)

One problem though, is not being able to use it with a edit_poly modifier, support for that would be really useful.

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Very useful! Cool! Thank you!

Very useful! Cool! Thank you!

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Thanks a lot! Very usefull

Thanks a lot! Very usefull script!

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hey garp, great little tool

hey garp,
great little tool :) is there any way to make it work within edit_poly modifiers as well?

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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... the HUGE advantage - for me anyway - is that I don't have those loop tools (still using max 9).
Does that circle tool also averages the angles (i.e. make all the sides the same length)? And does it work on cross sections. If so, you don't need this one and "damn, they stole my idea!"

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