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This Script is Aimed to :

1- Detach All Objects with Multi/Sub object Materials to Elements by ID and Assign the Proper Material (this Step is necessary because the Script will not Handle any Multi/Sub Materials).

2- Replacing Any Displacment Modifier with Displacement Map.

3- Converting (Almost :) ) All Type of Maps to Rendered Bitmaps with Options for Output (Better to Test the Scale for Procedural Maps and Gamma on Some Objects Before Converting the Scene).

4- Convert All Type of Color Maps Like Color Correction..... (with Empty Slots) to Color (Diffuse-Reflection......).

5- Convert any Type of Blend Materials into Standard or VRayMtl or Corona Mtl Materials (the Accuracy is as good as possible).

6- Convert All Materials to Standard.

List of Supported Maps :

Rendered Maps:

(CompositeTexturemap, ColorCorrection, ColorCorrect, output, Mix, Bricks, Noise, VRayCompTex, VRayNoiseTex, VRaySoftbox, VRayTriplanarTex, VRayUserColor, VRayUserScalar CoronaMix, CoronaUvwRandomizer, CoronaTonemapControl, CoronaWire, CoronaColorCorrect, Smoke, Gradient_Ramp, Cellular, Checker, Dent, Gradient, BerconTile, BerconNoise, BerconMapping, BerconWood, Color_Replace, Mask, RGB_Multiply, RGB_Tint, Speckle, Splat, Stucco, SigerScratches, ShapeMap, AdvancedWood, Marble, TextMap).

Converted Maps:

(falloff, SigerComplexFresnel, Normal_Bump, VRayHDRI, VRayDirt, VRayColor, VRayNormalMap, VRayMultiSubTex, CoronaAO, CoronaColor, CoronaBitmap, CoronaNormal, CoronaRoundEdges, CoronaMultiMap).


1- for Now Multi/Sub Maps Like (VRayMultiSubTex and CoronaMultiMap) will be Replaced with the First Slot (Map or Color(if Map is Empty).

2- for SigerComplexFresnel Map only Presets is Supported (Custom Color not Supported).

To Do List : - Apply to Specific Class of Maps and Materials.

Updated : Convert Maps to Bitmaps Checkbox Now Working Properly (Render Maps to Bitmaps).

UPDATE Version 1.1 :

Fixed Some Bugs in The Script .

UPDATE Version 1.2 :

- Converting CoronaBitmap not Working Properly ---- Fixed

      (Thanks to slider17 for Reporting this issue)

- Max not Responding When the Script Throw Errors ---- Fixed

UPDATE Version 1.21 :

- The Script Now Convert VRayHDRI and CoronaBitmap Maps with RenderMap instead of Replacing it with SubMap (Thanks to AmmarShow for Feedbacks) .

UPDATE Version 1.22 :

The Script become Free .


Trial Period Till end of March .

material_converter_-_lumion_v1.22.mse113.89 KB


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Tokamak's picture

Script UI doesn't open

Also tested on my laptop on Max2018 and a Max2020 fresh installation. Nothing happens, drag or run...

obaida's picture

Drag or Run

Darg the Script to Max Viewport or Run it from Scripting/Run Script

Tokamak's picture

Where is the script UI?

Not found in the "customize UI Toolbars"... (Max 2018.4)

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something close to donation

something close to donation not more

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And the price will be...

And the price will be...

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