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Magic HotKey

17 votes

Depends of subobject level this script will execute different commands.

Smart Merge

5 votes

A tool for quick import/merge of 3dsmax files, or downloaded archives from 3D Stocks or Asset Libraries site. You can quickly batch load these files into the current scene by simply drag and drop, and then selecting the max files to merge from the list. This convenient script will save you a lot of time, especially when you have to merge many files into your project.




1.79 | 31/07/2022

Unify Normals

0 votes

A Small Script to Fix Flipping Faces of Selected Objects .
- (Unify Normals - EditablePoly) works with editablepoly only .

Store & Restore Views

1 vote

Simple tool for storing and restoring different viewports.


4 votes

3dsMax 2017 introduced the new viewport material override. SuperClayMode is a script which mimics built-in clay mode with custom matcap texture by utilizing this viewport material override feature. This script makes a ShaderFX shader with matcap uv on the fly and assign the material as override material and turn on Rendering Setting mode. It is designed as a toggle mode. Therefore, you should make button or assign shortcut for this script. Free to download and use.


73 votes

MotionFX is a powerful tool for motion graphics and visual effects in 3D MAX.

Photographic Composition guides

4 votes

This tool is intended to be of aid when composing shots. easily draw common photographic grids, reference, and perspective lines to help compose the perfect shot.


miauu's Work Plane

11 votes

Bevel Profile

0 votes

- The General idea of this script is to convert Sweep Modifier to Bevel Profile

- Option to apply specific shape as profile .

- Full control of the Profile .

Random Cable Generate Script for 3DsMax

0 votes

Random Cable Generate

Face-to-Face Cable Generate

Between 2 targets

  • Main Cable
  • Cable Connect
  • 5 different Cable Type
  • 5 different Cable
  • Head Type
  • Warped Cable

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