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Heavenly Pictures

This script is very useful for car exterior modelling. It allows you to create really smooth polygonal surface using splines or NURBS curves to control the shape of the surface. Also allows you to control the edge loops of the surface. With this script you have to draw only the borders of the surface you want. Watch the video or the help page for more information!

This is a commercial script. Buy it for $30 or download and try the trial version.

Version info:
2.0 (2011. Dec 05.) Script has protected.
1.9 (2011. Nov 19.) New shape tools (randomize shapes color, convert shapes to spline, convert shapes to NURBS curve, fuse endpoints of shapes).
1.8 (2011. Aug 23.) Small changes on interface, available to assign material to surface, new mirror function, available to assign keyboard shortcuts to 4 buttons, remember the dialog's position in undock mode.
1.7 (2011. Aug 16.) 3 and 4 shapes button, available to undock/dock the panel, random surface color, small changes in algorithm.
1.6 (2011. Aug 07.) Bug fixes, new directory structure, new installer, new help file, available to generate UVW coord, available to run the script on max startup, toolbar icon to run the script.
1.5 (2010. Dec 15.) Extra functions added. Now you can add some standard modifiers (UVW map, Turbosmooth, Mirror, ...) or you can pick predefined modifiers from other objects. Also you can set the material Ids.
1.4 (2010. Oct 18.) Bug fixes.
1.3 (2010. Oct 18.) User interface has changed. You can set the distance threshold of the endpoints. Manually update available.
1.2 (2010. Jan 26.) Small bug fixes. The functions are renamed to avoid crashes with other scripts.
1.1 (2010. Jan 13.) Extra functions added: Now you can switch off the follow normals method.
1.0 (2010. Jan 8.) First release

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3ds Max 9 SP2 or later
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Univerpix Studio's picture

Maybe splines have some problem

It usually happens when the splines have some problems. E.g. duplicated vertices, or edges. You have to clean your splines. If you send me the splines in a .max file, i will check it, and correct it for you.
Send it to [email protected] or via skype (skype name: heavenlypictures) or attach it to here in a comment.

vitalquaD's picture

I have a problem. Script

I have a problem. Script creates messy meshes. Script worked fine till now. And it works fine in a new scene. Maybe do I need to delete some cache files somewhere?
3ds max 2012 windows 7 x64

polycreator_01.png 303.54 KB
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hello, this email form

Thanks, it helped.
I fixed this problem, now it is possible to register with this type of e-mail address.

berdinatilli's picture

hello, this email form


this email form problem presents itself if you try to input and email like those examples below:

[email protected]
[email protected]

and probably in this kind of form too

[email protected]

or any other address that has a country extension after .com

hope it helps.

Univerpix Studio's picture

Links & Registration not Working

I fixed the links, now you can download the script from here, and you can go to my page. I don't know what is the form of your e-mail address, so I don't know what is the problem with it. Nobody reported this yet. But I changed some things in the e-mail checker method, I hope it works for you now. Anyway, you don't have to register to try the script, just install it, and press the "start trial" button after running the script. If you or anybody have problems please contact me.
e-mail: [email protected]
skype: heavenlypictures
msn: [email protected]

Argyll's picture

Links & Registration not Working

The links to the site and download not working - seems to have moved.
I went to the site and downloaded the software - worked fine.
Tried to register in order to use the software, but it kept telling me that my email address was not the 'correct form.' Totally hopeless so don't bother unless you have the magic form required to register. This guy needs to get his act together is he's going to be selling plugins.

Univerpix Studio's picture

Discount code

Somebody reported me the discount code doesn't work. I had a bug in my site, but I have fixed it. Now it works. If it isn't work, just remove the discount code, and accept it again. Sorry for that.
Discount code: 2147483647

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great script! it would be

Well, with maxscript it's a little bit hard, but it's easy with max plugin. So I want to turn this script into plugin. But I have to learn max SDK. Need a few month, but I think I can do it.

W DIGITAL's picture

great script! it would be

great script!

it would be really nice, if you could RIG the mesh to the spline, so changing splline, changes mesh in realtime

is this possible?


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Special Offer

You can buy this script for $30 instead of $55 until the end of January.
Use this discount code: 2147483647

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