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The 3dsmax UI only allows you to set material effects ID up to 16 channels. The VRayMtl allows you to go beyond this using the effects ID override but other types of materials don't have any UI to adjust this. This tool using a backdoor into 3dsmax to set the effects ID beyond the 16 limit imposed by the UI.

This means you can create masks for every material in your scene. Using this tool you can either assign effects IDs by hand or just press to automatically create them and their mask render elements.

You can also make a Vray Multi-matte mask for each layer in the scene too, this uses the include/exclude lists rather than the GBuffferIds, so that you can therefore use the GBuffer IDs for doing variation with texture maps or mask objects individually if you want to.

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Bug found with VRay that made some of the mask render white. Put work-around in the script, don't worry that the layer masks say their ID is 10000.

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MaximuM's picture

Cool (and improvement idea)

Thanks Dave, it works fine now :)
The only remaining point which could be improved to me, is that right now, one Material ID channel is generated for each sub-object material in the scene but all the Sub-Material inside of it remain to zero. It would be great if all the Sub-Materials could receive a unique ID too. I guess it is a bit more complicated but if it is possible, it would be totally awesome !

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Thanks problem solved!

Thanks, found the bug! A strange VRay one, not sure why I didn't see it originally, might be because I didn't have any empty layers.

I've made it a macroscript too now.

MaximuM's picture

Yes indeed

Yes indeed ! I forgot to mention it: for convenience I wanted your script to be assigned to a button so I added few lines at the begining of your script and saved it as .mcr and here comes the problem. I must have done something wrong here ...

But I don't have any problem when I drag & drop the .ms in 3dsmax, the script works fine except the VRay MME per Layer which still appear pure white (I checked, this is not the alpha channel).

Thank you Dave,

DaveWortley's picture

Have you wrapped this in a

Have you wrapped this in a macroscript by chance?

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I use last VRay 3.30.05

I use last VRay 3.30.05

DaveWortley's picture

Which version of Vray are you

Which version of Vray are you running, all works fine here.....

MaximuM's picture

Well ...

Well, I opened my test scene again to check what you told me, but, this time, I have an error when running your script (please see attached).A
And even if I click "Ok", the script can't go further, the same error appears again.

powermasks_error.jpg 33.45 KB
DaveWortley's picture

Doesn't sound right.... works

Doesn't sound right.... works here fine! Sure you're not looking at the alpha channel of the MMEs by accident?

MaximuM's picture

Very cool but ...

Very cool script, thank you so much Dave !
The only problem I have (with 3ds max 2016)is when I use VRay MME per layers: they all appear filled with pure white.
Any idea ?

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wow seems great !!

Thanks for sharing - it will be very useful :)


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