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ProTrajectoryHandles (PTH) creates in-viewport handles on trajectories. Now freeware!


    • Directly edit trajectories in the viewport including handles.
    • Easily translate or rotate (part of) a trajectory.
    • Alter time distribution without changing the trajectory itself. (see video)
    • Compatible with complex animated hierarchies such as rigs.
    • Supports both the default Position_XYZ controllers as well as those placed in Position_Lists
    • Optionally displays velocity using a color gradient on the trajectory
    • Optionally use object's wire color as trajectory
    • Optionally only create handles for selected keys.
    • PTH is bidirectionally synced with the trackview, changes made in one are reflected in the other.
Additional Info: 

New UI:

Velocity: Large ticks: Orientation:

v1.6 24/06/2015

  • removed: license, PTH is now freeware!
  • added: Integrated ProBezierAssist into PTH UI
  • fixed: A whole lot of issues and better handling of edge cases

v1.4 26/06/2014

  • added: Rotation visualization, Show node’s local axis on trajectory.
  • fixed: Edge case with zero strength handles fixed, now all handles start usable.
  • added: Hide on playback option, no performance drop on playback anymore.
  • fixed: Fixed various bugs including false update notifications.

v1.3 09/04/2014

  • fixed: MXS error on reset while dialog is closed
  • fixed: Potential crash when deleting both object and handles a the same time.
  • added: Trackview button that opens a relevant trackview for selected objects and/or handles.
  • added: Link to update page now goes to a proper update page instead of demo download.

v1.2 06/04/2014

  • added: respect and set different key types (#linear, #custom etc)
  • added: handle-lines of #auto keys are drawn in gray, will convert to #custom when transformed.
  • added: more control over velocity color, gradient: set low/high values and custom colors.
  • fixed: using radio buttons instead of check boxes for trajectory color options.
  • added: Give in/out handles different sizes when created close to each other, makes it easier to select with near 0-length handles.
  • added: in 'show velocity' mode handles and their lines are draw in a neutral color so velocity color is more clearly.
  • added:options for thicker frame markers instead of the default hard to see single pixel-dots now available in all modes.
  • added: clear all handlers on load/reset etc
  • fixed: some debug info was printed for certain events

V1.1 21/03/2014

  • Fixed a few issues with parenting
  • Fixed the 'close' button on the setting dialog
  • Fixed update link going to Prosequencer instead of PTH.

v1.0 21/03/2014 initial release


    • When a handle's influence in too weak, or too strong, you can simple scale it's influence. Set scale mode to 'strength' and just use the normal scale transform on a handle to adjust
    • When you start to add/delete extra keys PTH will remove itself, you can then use 'Re(build)' to created new handles when done.
    • Currently the yellow lines between the handles are only drawn in the active viewport.
    • When you're altering handles in the trackview make sure to enable the 'lock handles' button.
    • For easy selection and housekeeping all helper objects are created in layer called "ProTrajectory Handles"
Version Requirement: 
Fully supported in max 2012 and above
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gpaget's picture

i got one too !

I needed such an add-on ! good ideas, simple (very important), you did it.
bought today so no real experience, i want to use it for my next prod and will really tell you about it later.
Anyway, thank you for the work and hope you will keep on improving PTH !
Is there a way to dock the menu ?

I love the velocity display.... :)


kw8820's picture

nice tool

but it crashes so often can i ask know how? i'm using 2012

Jonathan de Blok's picture

Feature request


I'll look into that once I have some time to spare, sounds like a nice feature to have. Not sure if it is mathematically possible though but it might :)

YoyoGraphics's picture

Feature request

Just bought it, and it works great! Would it be possible to add the ability to slide the keyframes, while keeping the points and curve as they are?

- Geoff

Jonathan de Blok's picture

Bugs fixed!

Fixed the "DestroyDialog" bug and a few others, the potential crash on delete has also been removed.

And when you have an object selected, or one of it's handles, the new "trackview" button will open a trackview that will only display the objects's XYZ tracks.

Up next: a way to visualize and adjust rotations in the viewport.

Jonathan de Blok's picture

MXS error

Thanks for reporting, has been fixed for next release.

It happens when PTH's UI has been closed before a reset is done. The reset triggers the cleanup function that tried to close it again without checking if the UI is actually still there.

lightcube's picture

MXS error

I've gotten this error when Pressing File > Reset.

-- Error occurred in PTHcleanup(); filename: C:\Users\Shawn\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\scripts\ProTrajectoryHandles\PTH.mse; position: 7029; line: 315
-- Defined in encrypted script
-- called in anonymous codeblock
-- Frame:
>> MAXScript Callback script Exception:
-- Type error: DestroyDialog requires RolloutClass, got: undefined <<

It happened twice but then not again. Not sure what the exact circumstances were...


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

Jonathan de Blok's picture

Edge case bug warning:

Deleting a selection that has both the animated object and it's handles in it at the same time can cause a recursion meltdown in Max, I'm looking into that.

Workaround is to just select the animated object(s) and delete that, this will trigger a cleanup of the handles.

Jonathan de Blok's picture

New update

Thx everyone for the support! I've just posted a mayor update with a lot of new features. The new UI posted above should explain most of them but I'll make a proper demo video tomorrow :)

Biggest change is that you can now manage the tangent-types (#custom, #auto, #linear, etc) directly from PTH.

btw, does the auto update notification work? It should run once week and you can check manually in the 'setup' dialog.

knoxville's picture

cool !

Thanx for that stuff ! Got one !

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