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This scripted plug-in was wanted in the forum. It is like the original push modifier but with the option "Straighten Corners" of the shell modifier. You can "push in" and "push out".   -- Update V1.4a --


Additional Info: 

I finally updated to V1.1 :
-Correction of the reported bug.

Now if you change the topology under the "Push2":
first you will have a strange result but no more crash or error message of the script, then you will just need to update manually the modifier by clicking on "Push2".
I didn't find a way to automatically update without crashing Max (I have the version 2012).

Update V1.2 :
-Corrected the unwanted interaction with the modifiers on top of "Push2".

Update V1.3 :
-Convert the value into world units.
-Modify the name to "Push amount"

Update V1.4 :
-Corrected the bug with error message when applying the modifier to a selection with multiple objects.
Notice a limitation : you cannot instanciate this modifier.

Update V1.4a :
-Corrected a "Compile error" that was reported.

Version Requirement: 
2010, 2011, 2012
push2.mse1.75 KB
push2_v1.1.mse1.88 KB
push2_v1.2.mse2.17 KB
push2_v1.3.mse2.21 KB
push2_v1.4.mse2.51 KB
push2_v1.4a.mse2.59 KB


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harumscarum's picture

works perfectly!

thank you very much!
version 1.2 works fine

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Second update !

If you find other problems, feel free to post a comment.

Thank you harumscarum and lantlant for testing and reports.

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Thank you for the illustration

It's not really a bug but just a possiblity that I didn't take in account.
This is not an extended shell or push plug-in but a simplemod where I have to write everything.

I'll try to correct it in the next version...

Best regards.

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here is illustration attached - problem is only when try to change scale of Push if CapHoles applied at the top of Push

push.png 42.18 KB
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Great job! :) +vote

Great job! :) +vote

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Updated version

I corrected the previous bug. Harumscarum, could you try if it works for you.
I am not sure to understand what looks like your modifier stack, a screenshot would be helpful.

Best regards.

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Thank you Lord!

wow! it works as single modifier! thank you very much
i can confirm - there are some issues with additional modifiers applied. in my case i need to push only edge polygons so i extrude spline without capping in order to push only edge polygons and apply CapHoles over. it works fine until i try to change scale amount in Push2 - it is affecting all polygons so i need to delete and re-apply CapHoles

thank you once again - for me it is essential modifier even how it is now ))

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useful. Thanks for sharing

useful. Thanks for sharing it!
just one bug: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1587713/bug01.jpg

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