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"Assigns a unique Position Noise controller to all selected objects - or assigns a Position XYZ controller to all selected objects.
Basic example: create around 200 spheres - 4 units in size - 10 segments or so. Select them all - run the script. Use around .005 for the frequency - leave the rest as default. Click 'Noise Position' and press play. To remove the noise tracks - just select all the spheres and click Position XYZ.

Known issues: REPLACES the current position controller; ie - probably doesn't work as a secondary unit in a list controller situation. Use a seed other than 'zero' - else you'll get the same noise track on every object. Only tested in max5 - don't know if it works in earlier versions. To install - run the script from max. Then you'll find it in the 'neverwake' category. "

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6; 5
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