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The Download is now live on the rapidTools website!


Hi! I first wanted to make this script pack commercial, but later I decided, to make them free, because I realized I'm not a business man, and I'm much more pleased with a few thanks... :) The script pack contains a couple of things I'm using for my modeling pipeline, made especially for quad modeling. But let the videos talking instead of me! Enjoy! :) You can download the pack from my website... ;)

All the scripts are hoteky based, or at least I very recommend to put them on to shortcuts. Watch the tutorial videos to get know how they work.

NEW FEATURES: (description below. tutorial videos under the link, or on the youtube channel)

  • fastWorkingPivot now working on edge selection, using the edge as a direction vector
  • fastWorkingPivot now working on spline objects as well
  • fastPanelizer now saves values individually for every objects
  • rapidRTConform now reselect conformed object after action
  • projection direction now properly working
  • changelog now opens after installation
  • fastUnion, fastIntersect and fastSubstract added to the package


  • rapidQCap: bugfix, when tried to solve improper border, max hanged up due to an infinite loop
  • fastPanelizer: settings now properly working on every object

The package contains the following scripts:


rapidQCap v2.0 is a bilinear interpolation base quad capping tool, that let's you cap the desired border edges. The tool is very simple to use as always. Just select the border, and press the hotkey. If the tool can't find the corner vertices, you can select them manually. The v2.0 version has been extended by a corner searching algorithm, and the whole script works on multiple selection as well.

rapidMeshCleanUp is a pretty usefule mesh cleanup tool, that searches for the following:

  • concave faces
  • faces with zero area
  • edges with zero legth
  • triangles
  • nGons
  • mid-edge vertices

The script runs through the mesh, puts an Edit Poly modifier named from the anomaly and selects them.

rapidNGonSolver has been designed to solve the hexagons, octagons and concave faces left behind by Quad Chamfer.

rapidQuadConnect is a way of connecting edges properly. If two rings cross each other, it create quads instead of 4 triangles. It also properly connects corners, where ring changes direction.

rapidRTConform is designed to conform one mesh to another. It is possible to conform just the base of the mesh, if you made your modifications on an EditPoly modifier. You can also change the vertex projection directions based on surface normals.

rapidSoftSelectionManager is designed to save softSelections and load them back. You can also make different kind of operations with selections, like adding, substracting, multiplying and dividing selections.

rapidSplineFFD is a tool that is deisnged by other scripters as well. This variant of splineFFD that let's you control your loops by splines, and adds additional functionality that let's you control the distribution of vertexes over the spline. It also let's you easily save the splines for later use, until the toplogy or vertex order does not change.

rapidVertSplitter creates a topology like inset.

rapidToolsMenuGenerator collects all of the rapidTools scripts and creates a menu for them.


  1. fastAttach - (select and attach)
  2. factBridge - (bridge to hotkey without dialog)
  3. fastBorderSelect - (let's you the select the selection border. Selection to selection border)
  4. fastEdgeLoopReguralizer - (edge loop regularizer that makes a loop round, working with Edit Poly as well)
  5. fastEdgeWeightRegularizer - (reduce edge weight so, it avoids the possibility of overlapping faces)
  6. fastExtrude - (single click extrude like edge extrude)
  7. fastMassiveOBJExporter - (Save max file, than run the script. Exports every selected objects into individual OBJ files)
  8. fastPanelizer - (creates simple panels into surfaces, separate them, and sets up the smoothing groups for quadChamfering)
  9. fastPutWorkingPivot - (locks the working pivot where seleciton pivot is in vertex mode)
  10. fastPutObject - (scatters the desired object(s) all over the selected vertices, if there are more objects you want to scatter, just group them, to get a randomized scatter)
  11. fastWorkingPivot - (it aligns the orientation of the pivot to face normals)
  12. fastZeroWeld - (it performs a simple weld with 0,001 threshold)
  13. fastZeroWeldElement - (does the same, but avoids mergeing different elements)
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Marcelo Baglione's picture


pi3c3, hi,

I got the version rapidToolsInstaller_v1.12. Is this the correct and updated?
I am awaiting your return


Marcelo Baglione's picture

rapidTools toolset

Dear pi3c3, hi,

The link that you sent, don´t opening for download. Please, send me another link, please.


LChung's picture

the Website is Dead

the Website is Dead...
Any other link?

Or can you send me a mail?
[email protected]


pi3c3's picture

Menu Bar

Go to Customize menu, and search for the rapidTools category...

Inside there, you can find a script, called "rapidTooolsMenuGenerator"

That is the script which can create that top menu for you.

RabbleRabble's picture

Problem Installing

From the videos this script looks awesome. I went to your website and downloaded the "rapidToolsInstaller_v1.12" file correctly. I installed the mzp and it says "Please restart 3dsmax to take effect" but I cant find it anywhere after the restart. It should be on the top menu bar as a drop down but its not there.

This is what I did,
1) Download rapidToolsInstaller_v1.12
2) Run and install .mpz file
3) Restart 3dsmax

Am I missing a step? I would really like to try this wonderful script. Thanks!

pi3c3's picture

It's possible to make it

It's possible to make it compatible with Edit Poly mode as well, but it won't be as fast. :) Probably I will make it work in EditPoly as well.

To close irregular meshes it needs much more exceptions, which would be pretty hard to implement, but anyway I also thought that it would be a great idea to make. For example triangle based solving with proper topology, but that needs barycentric interpolation, which I haven't written yet. I also thought about other things to put into the script, like bicubic interpolation, and fill spline as well... :)

So yes, I have more ideas, the only thing I don't have recently is time, to properly realize them... :)

But thank you for your reply, I'm glad to hear your opinions and ideas. :)

Thunderbeast's picture

Would be a nice addition

From a consumer stand point it would be a nice feature to have, the tool to work with editpoly (and the whole thing as well). But it's not a game changer for me specifically, for now.
Btw to add, your qcap is definitely awesome, especially considering it's free, but would be remarkable if filled in non-rectangular/irregular "holes" fully in quads(correct me if it does atm, just not in my experience).
Just to make sure, I don't want to sound as if I am bashing on your plugin, I definitely like it, just giving some consumer feedback. :)

pi3c3's picture

It's possible to write them

It's possible to write them in Edit Poly. If your really need it, I put it to priority. I takes time of course, but I'm gonna make them first, before I go on with other things... :)

Thunderbeast's picture

Usability with Edit Poly modifier

The toolset is really nice, especially RapidQcap and FastPutObject but it works only in editably poly (or am i doing something wrong). In order to use the toolset's features I have to either detach an object to editable poly or collapse the whole stack of modifiers by converting it. Adding this feature would speed up workflow even more.

luxxeon's picture


A really great addition to any workflow toolset. Thanks for offering this up.

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