Real Collapse Maxscript

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Repetition abounds when working on Poser props or making Torque Engine content. I often have to reset the Transform matrix in Max the hard way. Namely - draw a new box at 0 -0 -0; convert to mesh - attach my object to the box - then delete the box inside. Now the object is set to 0 -0 -0 with no rotations and i can continue working. Although Reset XForm does this. I have never been able to use it successfully. Plus - i read some folks say it doesn't behave like they wanted it to anyway. If you use Torque or Poser - you will probably need this.

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RealCollapse is a simple maxscript which does all this automatically. Select a mesh - and run the maxscript. It creates a box - removes the box faces and vertices - then attaches your selected object to it. There is no dialog or control window for the script. It just works - so be careful what you collapse. This maxscript was written and tested in StudioMax version 6 and version 3. If you have success or failure on additional versions - please let me know via our help page.

I run this maxscript as a toolbar button - but you can also put it in your utilities by moving the script to 'scriptsstartup'. Want to add this to your toolbar? Go to Utilities > Maxscript > New Script. Paste this script into the window. Drag-and-drop the script code on a toolbar to create a new button which runs this script.

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