Rename mirrored Bones Script

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Robert Ramsay

This script will rename '(mirrored)' bones to their respective naming. Be sure to name one side of your unmirrored bones first with this naming convention bone_L_bonename or if you are working on the right side bone_R_bonename.


** Common workflow for making bones/mirroring
1) bone_L_arm is prenamed before mirroring via the bone tools.

2) the bone is mirrored with the bone tools.

3) the new mirrored bone name looks like this: bone_L_arm(mirrored)

** The script is used here:
4) run the rename mirrored bones script with those mirrored bones selected

5) the mirrored bones with the (mirrored) names in them will be renamed now

6) the new name of the bone is now bone_R_arm as it should be

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008 and up.