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Saves a dated and versioned file in a parallel 'archive' folder alongside the original max file in this format:


The date is derived from the system time, and the version is determined from previous versions. As of now it can only handle up to 99 versions of the same file. Used in situations where you may want to save several working files to avoid loss of data or corruption while working on delicate files, while also allowing you to 'Save...' in the usual manor to the same max file, so you don't break your pipeline.

Folder hierarchy example:

Project Root Folder
    Archive Folder

This sort of hierarchy I have used in the past along with Subversion. The main 'maxFile.max' is what is used in the pipeline, and also the only file committed to Subversion, while the files in the archive folder are various files the artist would have saved during his work day. The archive folder can be set to be ignored by Subversion, so nothing within is committed.

Best used assigned to a shortcut. I assigned it to Ctrl+Shift+A.


NOTE: This does not save over the original 'maxFile.max'. You must still use File - Save for this, or the typical shortcut of ctrl+s.

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Only tested on 2013
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