Select Hidden or Occluded Objects

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Trond Hille

Select only visible objects! Delete all objects hidden inside other objects!

If you are working with object heavy CAD models you probably know that often 90% of the objects are hidden internal components of the rig. Stuff you usually don't need or want. Object count that make 3dsMax crawl.

This script lets you either select what is visible or hidden from the current view - or let you scan the whole scene. 
It's a very efficient way to clean up your scenes with a high accuracy!

If you have lots of very small objects, or need very high preciscion up the settings in the tool. For very heavy scenes it can be slow, but should still be way better than any manual clean up methods!

Here is a demonstration video:



Full version is available at the link below 

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The solution used was found by hours browsing 3d forums and reading people way more skilled than me discuss the possible solutions for selecting visible objects only. I then implemented what seemed like the most usable ideas into this script.

Version Requirement: 
3dsMax 2009