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- three scripts for easy, one-click rotating objects on 90, -90 and 180 degree around active axis and in current coordinate system. Scripts also rotate UVW Mapping gizmo and Slice sub-object.
- to rotate a copy of the object - press shift+script button on the toolbar

3PointScale - script for scaling separate objects by specifing 3 points. Like AutoCAD's 'scale by reference' command. Uniform scaling supported.

!take care of proper snap mode - for example, when scaling in top viewport for correct result 2.5d snap must be chosen
!take care of proper reference coordinate system mode - script only supports world, scene node and local system

3PointRotation - script for rotating objects and groups by specifing 3 points.
Like AutoCAD's 'rotate by reference' command
Angle spinner added- now you can set the custom angle while rotating about chosen point

!take care of proper snap mode - for example, when rotating in top viewport for correct result 2.5d snap must be chosen

TapeCoordSys - this tool helps you to create tape object and then select it for coordinate system object in one step. It turns on 3d snap mode automaticly and returns to old snap mode after exit.

 BuildingMaker - Script for creating simple building models from splines

StripesTexture - Script for creating random or regular stripe texture

TransformationJitter - Apply random transformations to selected objects

WhiteVPBackground - Toggle change viewport background color to white or to the default (125,125,125) to change default VP color to your settings, edit the script.
Very handy for printing viewport screenshots.

Additional Info: 

Version 1.4.9 Update

  • 3PointRotation and 3PointScale fixed to show snapping markers on 3ds max 2019

Version 1.4.8 Update

  • The only update is the new installer - script pack comes in the form of MZP archive which you need to drag-n-drop onto the max window or run via Scripts->Run script command. Should work on all versions of max. I've checked on 2016 and 2017.

Version 1.4.7 Update

  • 3PointRotation and 3PointScale scripts have been updated to use maxscript mouse tools instead of pickpoint function. This update fixes the "drag" bug discribed here.
  • prerender script has been deleted.

Version 1.4.6 Update
-Rotation of UVW gizmo and Slice plane added to rotateXXX commands

Version Update
-fixed some bugs

Version 1.4.5 Update
-Rotation on active axis added to rotateXXX commands

Version 1.4.4 Update
-fixed some bugs in TransformationJitter script. Now scaling units are strictly relative to the object's scale
-to the TransformationJitter script "affect only parent objects" mode added
-to the TransformationJitter script absolute scale mode added. Now it's possible to specify absolute scale unites

Version 1.4.3 Update
-fixed some small bugs in 3PointScale and 3PointRotation. No more exceptions with "Unable to convert from x to y" when user cancels operation

Version 1.4.2 Update:
-to 3PointScale script added non-uniform scale option to 3PointScale script
-to 3PointScale script added ability to work in different coordinate systems (world, scene node, local)

Version 1.4 Update:
-TapeCoordSys script added
-angle spinner added to 3PointRotation scripts
-copying added to RotateXXX scripts

Version 1.3 Update:
-added function to exclude children from selection set. it's fixed problem with linked object rotation - now all rotate command rotates only parent objects in selection set.
-added scaling of objects sets to 3pointScale script.
-fixed some small bugs

Drag-n-drop mzp file on the max window or run mzp file via Scripts->Run Script command, then go to the 'Customize User Interface' -> 'Toolbars' - browse to category 'Sergo Pogosyan' and add buttons to the toolbar or to the menu.

Version Requirement: 
8-9, 2008-2019
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sergo's picture

works on 2018

Hi, I've checked on my 2018 and it worked. I dragged the archive on the Max window, then found sergo poosyan category and tried some of the scripts. They all worked, rotation, coord sys etc.

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3ds max 2018

thank you Sergo for this amazing script. I was wondering during working in autocad about the same function in 3d and then I found your script. I used it in 3ds max 2017 but not working in 2018 . you didn't updated it for 18? or I'm doing something wrong ..:( thank you again !

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Hi Sergo. Absolutely essential tools! Many thanks for this! Saved my day

Askhar's picture


super very useful

arennertz's picture


Ok that worked. Somehow i had a .zip file in my download directory...when i downloaded the file again and dragged the mzp file on max it worked.(after restarting max:D )

anyways thanks a lot, 3PointRotate is super useful!

sergo's picture

just drag archive to the max window

Just drag and drop the archive to the max window. Then find Sergo Pogosyan category in toolbar tab of the Customize window.
You don't need to unpack the archive!

arennertz's picture

how to install?


I tried a lot now, but i don't get it to work with max2016. When i drag the .run file on max, nothing happens. "Run Script" > throws error

"Can't find include file: include "$temp/SergoSPack/"

I can't run the "" via "Run Script"

Copying The into max's MacroScripts folder and the other files in max's scripts folder didn't work, the don't show up in the customize menu...

i really want to use the 3point rotation :)


sergo's picture

New drag-n-drop installer


I've updated the installer so that it works with any version of 3ds max. Just drag-n-drop attached .mzp file onto the max window and look for "Sergo Pogosyan" catergory in Customize->Toolbars window.
I've also removed all the icons, so all the buttons come with text labels only.

sergoscripts_1_4_8_dragdrop.mzp 14.63 KB
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Sergo's script pack

No funciona para versión max 2017. y no existe la web.

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Solution for Max 2014

I had the same problem in Max 2014. I solved it this way:
Put SergoScripts.mcr to 3ds Max 2014\MacroScripts folder
Put Icons (sergoIcons_16a.bmp and sergoIcons_16i.bmp) to C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\usericons
Put SergoScripts folder with scripts in it to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\scripts

Now everything works fine!

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