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Material ID Condense

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What it does:
Condenses material ID's Based on the texture name or material name.

How to use it:
Under Utilities Tab, hit the MAXScript button
then push run script, locate CondenseMaterialIDs.mcr and hit open.
Now in the Utilities drop down, choose Condense material ID's.

Here you may choose to
condense it from the material name i use a script i found on Scriptspot called "OS3D_SetMaterialName_v01.ms" i cant seem to locate it again but it sets all material names to the Image names.

Condense by the diffuse texture name eg Image1.jpg

SubMaterial Picker

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Hi All,

That's a small tool that allows you to pick a sub material from viewport instead of the multimaterial. It automatically loads the material in SME or CME (depending on what you have open). Holding "Shift", will act similar to default picker and it will load the source material.

This tool request came from Krešimir Jelušić on the Facebook group Stack (for more visit the link below). Dave Wortley (aka fb.me/MaxMadeEasy) also contributed with ideas and code. There is still some room from improvement but I'm not sure if I will have the time.

NURBS 2 Spline

15 votes

Converts NURBS curves in Spline Shapes.

Make Grey

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This script will take all selected objects and make them grey by default.

I get fed up with going into the colour picker to turn objects grey as I work through a blockout. I made this so that I could do it with a single click.

The script will work as a button in the toolbar once setup.


This script takes all selected objects and makes their wireframe and base colour grey if no materials are applied.

To add it to your Max, drag the .ms file into the 3Dsmax viewport.


5 votes

Bookmanager is a powerful tool for automatic books placement in array or directly on shelf polygons.

scripted glue

41 votes

this scripts does the same thing as a free plugin GLUE does, namely it glues objects to a surface. i've written this sript because i was tired of necessity of looking for new recompiled plugins with every new max release. and this script can do a bit more than original: it can align glued objects to normal, and you can glue along any vector, defined with tape helper object. more with newer version - vertex projection, eye ray, more precision


Dabarti tools: Light Assistant

3 votes

Light Assistant helps with aligning reflections and adjusting the parameters of V-Ray lights.

Main features:

  1. Interactively ALIGN lights reflection directly on the geometry. Hold shift for “Rim Light Mode”.
  2. Interactively change light distance, size and rotation in ADJUST mode.
  3. Quickly control V-Ray Light properties with “Light Lister” like interface.
  4. Adjust light intensity using Exposure Value (EV).
  5. Align and Adjust modes work well with some non V-Ray lights.
  6. 10 Softbox presets in material library included.

Replace Objects/Groups

3 votes

Replace desired objects or groups with clones(copies, instances, references) of another object or group.

New version of the script: http://miauumaxscript.blogspot.bg/p/miauus-objects-replacer.html

FBX to Biped

3 votes

You can convert FBX animation to Biped with this script

Convert Normal Maps

5 votes

Version 1.7
Simple script that converts any NormalBump map to VRayNormalMap and vice versa.

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