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1. It used to find  bitmap, vary proxy, hdri, Photometric Web path.

2. I use less texture modification, please test yourself.

Texture Lister

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Texture Lister Help

 This script is inspired and use Collect asset by antomor as references.

miauu's Texture Dropper Pro

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.timo - Renamer

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Renamer for 3dsMax

Renamer allow you to quick Rename one or multiple object using custom settings that is provided

How to use:

1. Select Object\s

2. Fill in requred text

3. Execute

Installation: Drop The file in max viewport and go to Customize ==> Customize User Interface ==> Category: .timo ==> .timo Renamer

Tested on 3ds Max 2015

.timo - Selection Tools

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Selection tools for 3dsMax
Selection tools allow you to quick Select one or multiple object using custom settings that is provided

How to use:


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This is a scripted modifier. Place this script in your scripts/startup directory and restart Max. This modifier can be added to any object and is designed to hold Custom Attributes. There are added tools for keying and reseting all the CA's as well as saving presets and copy/paste functions. You can also save the presets out to a text file to be loaded on other objects in the scene.

.timo - Project Manager

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This time, i’m creating script for my final project in my university :D

Based on Asset manager created by Stephen Putra in my previous company during my internship, i tried to recreate it in 3dsmax since there we are using maya.

By using this tools i hope to achieve good, clean and effective project management for my final project.

Project Manager for 3DS Max


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Supported Face (3 sub-object) in Edit / Editable Mesh.
Стал поддерживаться Face (3 подобъект) в Edit/Editable Mesh.
Full refactoring code. Hide and Unhide all works on single comand.
Полностью переработан код. Скрыть и открыть всё работает по единой команде.

Works on objects, selection objects and subojects


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morphMap is a tool to map low-res objects (as those used in video games). Works on meshes and polys. Now It's a multi-select tool: you can select several objects at the same time or you can select severals groups of faces of the same object.
The interface is left/right dockable.

There are 3 main modules :
+ the function 'morphMap' : the picture follows the mapped surface in one click. (The uvs will be like a square)
+ the function 'Face Map' : an advanced face mapping. The number of points in the face have no importance: that does work with all faces.

Skin Hide Manager

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You can Hide and Unhide vertexes or elements while Skin process

( Poly object only )

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