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Nested Layer Manager 2 For 3ds Max

Nested Layer Manager 2 provides the ability to nest layers in 3ds Max. This script is small, fast and allows layers to be nested in an unlimited number of folders. It has complete 2 way communication with the default layer manager; If anything is altered in either, both layer managers are updated. This allows people without this script installed to still see the normal layer organisation present in the file.

Nested Layer Manager has a free 30 day trial.

FumeFX Palybcak offseting


 V1.1 - 增加根据生成FumeFX PF粒子的位置 - 2014年6月28日

为了实现大面积冒烟,起火,爆炸,云雾等功效。只要解决算作一个 - 三套FumeFX缓存支持任意大小的随机旋转随机分配的缓存FumeFX更新版本可支持新一代油烟流畅的帧基于粒子的位置这是我第一次尝试写剧本,如果您有什么好的建议欢迎告诉我。谢谢

Easy Rotate

Rotor Animation

Preview for Easy Rotate

Hey whats up guys!

V-ray maps baking script


Bakes texture maps: Diffuse, Reflection, Refraction, Reflection Glossiness, Refraction Glossiness, Normal Bump, Fresnel IOR, Opacity, Illumination.

Creates VRayMtl with all textures correctly assigned.

Can convert exr to jpg using djv_converter.exe ( part of the http://djv.sourceforge.net/ )

Ability to load custom render settings preset for baking. It reverts back to old preset.

After Baking:

Vray Light Select Elements

—- With One Simple Button Create One VrayLightSelect Element for each Instances Light
—- Rename RenderElement with name of light
-- Ignore Targets

Inspired by the script of "ecXimer" "Auto Render Element VRayLightSelect" I created a new function more simple, with one unique button create one render element VrayLightSelect for each Instances Lights.

Variance MultiMaterial V.1.4


Variance MultiMatreial V1.0

Variance MultiMaterial v.1.4

—-By Kimarotta

—-Created On: 22/05/12
—-Version 1.4



Normalize Render Elements

---- Description:
---- Normalize file Path of render elements.
---- Change all or selected render elements extensions to unique extension, and extension can be diferent that file name OutPutPath render.
---- Set a diferent path to render elements and output render.
---- 1.1
-----Fix little Bug in update name output file with name output elements

Replace Object and Bake Animation

This is a script to Replace Transform object ( Position, Rotation and Scale ) and replace (baked) animation.

Sugestion is welcome...


For use “Run” the file in Max and Customize -> Customize User Interface… -> ToolBars -> Category: Kimarotta Scripts. Drag and Drop Script in Your ToolBar.

Light By Cam

Flow Map Painter

very early alpha of a script that I've been working on for a while, that will be used to literally "Paint" flow maps to be used in realtime game shaders.

the map is to be used in the shader as offset for the time value of the factor that is animating your textures, whether it is a panner node or an up-vector-based algorithm.

the how to use .txt file is included in the download.


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