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Duplicurver is a game-changing Maxscript tool that brings the power and versatility of ZBrush's IMM (Insert Multi Mesh) Curve brush directly to Autodesk 3ds Max. This tool serves as a highly beneficial asset for artists and 3D professionals, allowing them to replicate and deform meshes along a path with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

PhysX Painter

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Brushify is a new scripted modifier that will let you clean up geometry to export as a brush (world geometry) for the Source Game Engine. Primarily, this modifier is for Wall Worm users who are making levels for the Source Engine inside 3ds Max.

With this modifier you can quickly:

• Snap All Vertices to the World Grid
• Cap Holes
• Set Cap Material ID
• Turn Concave Polys to Convex Polys (if they are Quad Polys)
• Weld Vertices
• Break Non-Planar Polygons
• Smooth by threshold

Fur Guides Painter

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buy it on : http://hocuspocus-studio.fr/tools/product/furguides-painter/

Fur Guides Painter is a new tool, which will drastically speed your hair&Fur and Ornatrix workflow.

If like me you are tired to try to brush Hair&Fur using the given brushes, because it just takes too long to have the results your need, this tool is definitely for you.

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