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Sweep Profile

539 votes

Script for a quick and convenient applying of profiles to shape with a modifier Sweep.

Included to Trackscripts pack with the 37 prepared to using architectural profiles.

User can add\change custom profiles in the folder “\Scripts\TrackScrips\Section”























Sweep Profile v.0.97

  • Fixes a bug with adding a new catalog.
  • Fixes an issue with setting a size of profile.
  • Enlarged a size of thumbnails.
  • Adds ability to avto-check for updates.

Find And Bind - Vray Hdri & Sun

10 votes

Find And Bind maxscript will scan your hdri and find the sun location.
After that,it will create V-Ray sun in this position and bind it to V-Ray Dome light.
You can rotate the rig by rotation the dome light or in the VrayHDRI map(horz rotation).


Vehicle Rigger

11 votes

This simple script allows you to rig your wheel based vehicle easily for creating nice vehicle animations in littile minutes



3dsmax 2016 small export script

2 votes

A very simple script, create to simplify game engine export process, with minimal options.

Center pivot : do a simple center pivot on selected objects,

Center pivot bottom : like previously, but on the bottom (-Z) of the transformation matrix.

Center object to world : align selected objects to 0.0.0.

Process fbx Export UE4: Make a clean simple unreal 4 export :

Deformation Cleaner

11 votes

Deformation Cleaner is a modifier for 3ds Max that smooths arbitrary deformations of a model without smoothing the original detail. It can be used as a fast post correction step on top of any deformation. Get it from http://www.mariussilaghi.com/products/deformation-cleaner


80 votes

This tool can help you to clean and speed up your scene. Hover with your cursor over the clean-buttons to see tooltips for further information.


DQ skinning Copier

1 vote

In previous max versions like max 2016,
when you save the envelopes, it doesn't save the Dual quaternions weights.
Which is a pain when you need to transfer skinning from a model to another for whatever reasons.
The thing is I do quite a lot of rigging and I faced this problem more than once with no out of the box solution.
And I needed to transfer only the DQ weights, not the other envelopes.

So here is a super simple script to do that.

How it works :
1 : select the model which has the DQ weights set. (the skin has to be the first modifier)

Simple hWnd Viewer

3 votes

This is just simple tool to check window element handle - hwnd under mouse pointer.

I did it some time ago to test reading info from ListBox but it can be used it to inspect UI elements you need to work with later.

Note: This tool is can be useful only for people who writes maxscripts.



ghostTown Lite

483 votes


ghostTown 0.21 Lite Beta for 3ds Max 2011


18 votes

Accelerated removal of polygons
Ускорено удаление полигонов

1. Removed from the Scale negative_switcher script. This is added to the "Switchers" script
2. Added the usual removal of polygons, and when you click on Esc: will cross the reduction of edges in the polygon.
3. If you select only the object (not subobject) that will change wirecolor, and while pressing Esc, the material is destroyed to wirecolor.

1. Убран из скрипта ScaleNegative_Switcher. Это добавлено в скрипт "Switchers"

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