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The FPS like game the camera moves. Bottom and collision checking possibility


Changes an active perspective viewport into a camera viewport. It works with Brazil cameras - it'll also convert a camera view into a new camera view - and it'll let you put a safeframe automatically in when you run the script.

Camera Orbit

This script automatically creates a camera that will orbit the selected objects. The distance of the camera is calcualated based on the size of the selected objects so that they will always fit the screen. This tool is great for creating demo reel renders of models and animations.


A Depth of Field Toy to play around with your 3dsMax camera. This script uses real world analoge camera f/stop - focal lenght and focal distance to visualise with the manual clipping feature from the maxcamera the the area of DOF.
The script works with maxcameras - brazil camera and maxwell cameras.

Multi Camera Renderer

Allows to render multiple cameras from a list defined by user : -> Save/Load capabilities for list of cameras and interface parameters -> Rendering log file generation -> Optionnal user defined script can be executed before each camera rendering -> Optionnal user defined script(s) can be executed anywhere in camera rendering list -> Frame selection for each camera to be rendered -> English and Fre

Camera Animator

This script creates a new animated camera that animates along the scene cameras. Every position and rotation is stored in an animation key. It lets you render a number of cameras without making numerous network renderjobs or having to set up the video post every time.


Activates the scene cameras one after another - forward or backward.
Original idea by Sam O'Hare...

Camera Switcher

Macroscript that you can assign to a hotkey (I replaced 'C' with it) which cycles through your cameras each time you press it. Will jump to a camera if you have that camera selected. Works with BCams.

To install - copy into scriptsstartup - restart max - and select it from within Customise UI - in the cameras section.


when i animate - i like to setup a bunch of static cameras around the character so i can view the animation from several preset angles. i wrote this script to remap the c hotkey to - so now the key acts as a toggle instead of forcing you to go to persp mode and select another camera from a list. works with a mix of target and free cameras.


"creates a camera that simulates the slight shake of a handheld camera. you can see the effect here. in max - switch to perspective mode and align your viewport how you want it & click the button (or shortcut or quad) & the camera will automatically align itself to the view and the viewport will switch to camera view."