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Lets you run stitch simulations on a bunch of objects over a bunch of files in a batch process.


Simple human body creator and deformer

Reverse crosssection

"Use on a skinned model to reverse the order of the crossections(Max4.x only)"

Biped Worker

"A biped tool that incorporates biped selection - key library and editing - and set key functionality.

  • Selection Sets
  • Biped List
  • Bip Part Selector
  • Edit Keys
  • Property Library
  • Click here for the online docs."

    Wahooney Bone Tools

    A compact version of Max's default Bone Tools - additional tools have been added.

    Note: Not all Max's tools have been implemented yet.

    Skin Tools

    Various tools for use with the Skin modifier.


    This is a new version of the skintoolsenv that is has been available for some years now - it can save large amounts of time when setting up skinned characters.


    "Given pointHelpers or other objects of a specific name - this will take their positions and auto generate a character rig for animation based off of them. This includes Stretchy Legs - Stretchy Arms and a general finger setup - with Custom Attributes on proper controls. Version 1.31 now allows up to 8 neck bones/controls.

    Select Opposite

    Unfortunately Character Studio does not give the user the ability to create shortcuts to some of the most useful tools it has to offer. This script detects which Biped bones are selected and then mirrors the selection i.e. left arm to right arm. This script supports multiple selections of bones and unlike Character Studio - it can be run on combinations of bipedal and regular bones.


    This script is for use with the naming convention described in the Tutorial section.Once the IK chain is created you will be prompted for the creation of an upnode object as well as a controller for that upnode.The script is still in development and will

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