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Life saver! Will save out the weights of a skin modified object. If you change the mesh of a skinned object any manually setup vert weights get lost. Put them back with this. Can put back weights by index or by position. (Caution: putting weights back by position can take a long time if your object has a lot of faces)

Physique Weight Exporter/Importer

"Automates the i/o of physique weights:

  • Exporting Physique Weights and Vertex Positions
  • Importing Physique weights via Vertex Index
  • Importing Physique Weights via Vertex Position
  • Importing and Mirroring Weights
  • "

    Morph Controls

    Helps set up controls for facial morphs - with different controls for symetrical targets as well as a jaw control - very simple but i find it useful becase it separates the keys from different morphtargets so the timeline doesn't get stuffed with keys when doing lip sync etc...

    Skintools Envelopes

    Useful utility to facilitate modifying multiple envelopes for skin at once. Allows modification of current selected bone crosssection radius (inner/outer) and all crosssections in a skinned object at once

    Select Next-Previous Bone

    Right now you can use the Page UP and Page Down keys to go up and down a heirarchy in Max. You can also set up hotkeys to navigate up and down the envelopes within Skin. You CAN'T use the same hotkeys for both - until now.


    A collection of tools for artists extensively using character studio. Included tools include Show Bipeds - Select biped - Figure mode - Thumb select - Select biped child - Hide biped - Box display - Select com -Select fingers - Select biped children and more... Click for a screenshot detailing each feature.


    Connect two EndPointects with a bone that strectechs between them. This script will create a bone system between two EndPointects that will follow those two EndPointects


    Use this script to reset the xforms on model hairs in a file using shag.

    PEN character setup

    "Created for setting up list controllers on control objects for animation. Zero out position and Zero out rotation will add the second contrller in the list to the first then set the second controller to zero again.

    Eyeball Generator

    "A script that creates an eyeball with spinners to control pupil and iris size. based on the modelling in Adam Brody's great eyeball tutorial. As you can tell my scripting ability is non-existant but it gets the job done - just! It has some basic materials applied. The iris has an FFD so you can bulge it after."

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