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This script is for use with the naming convention described in the Tutorial section.Once the IK chain is created you will be prompted for the creation of an upnode object as well as a controller for that upnode.The script is still in development and will


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Hides your biped skeleton. Love it!


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If you select any piece of a biped and then run this script - it will select the entire biped except for the root.

Clever Biped Move

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This script toggles the selection between the current biped's horizontal and vertical transforms.

Spline IK Assigment

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This is a replacement to the shipping version of SplineIK assignment which adds automatic spline creation and vertex reduction.


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This script is to change the registered biped for the FigModeHotKey_Toggle script.


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During the development of Soul Forge Lodestone Games was asked to consider reusing some character art assets that a different studio had developed for another game Sony was going to publish. While the external assets were made in 3ds max and Character Studio - the build specifications were completely different that what was being used for Soul Forge.


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Creates a set of boxes and attaches them to the bones of a biped.


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Limit verts to n bones - select by weighting - modify weights - remove weights based on threshold. Can be slow on large mesh - speed optimised version possible. Click to view interface snapshot

Boner LOD

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Select the bone and then the skin mesh - then run the script. The script will then take a snap shot of the mesh in its current pose - then find all children of the selected bone - then find the vertices assigned to those bones - and reassign them to the parent bone.

This lets you bake-out a pose for selected parts of your model.

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