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solver plane constraint

6 votes

"simpler way to assign target for your IK Solver Swivel Angle. Put this script in Animation>Constraints menu. If the selected object is not an IK Chain object - this action item will be greyed out."


5 votes

This script takes a bunch of specific pointHelpers and auto creates a nice bone and control rig for character animation. This includes custom attributes and a stretchy bone and stretchy arm system - custom finger setup and more.

The pictures here show one of the sample scene files included with the ZIP download - and how the rig looks after just pressing the 'Create All' button.

Key Biped

5 votes

"This tool takes the currently selected biped bone and keys it on every frame with a "body" key. This is extremely useful if you need to save a bip file that has dependencies on other objects in the scene. Warning: This script may have bugs."

Character Rig Assistant

4 votes

I’m developing a script to make it possible to control a character and also to have a pose library for it. All this is based on a study created by a Brazilian animator named Marcelo Ortiz. He created his character control with XSI and I’ve been trying to do it with 3ds Max.


5 votes

Creates a splineIK chain similar to Mayas using a spline Line path - and multiple new IK bone chains path constrained to the path at increasing percentages. This pretty much will allow you to do tails or dinosaur type necks in max 4 - without all that weird spline stuff that happens if you skin directly to a spline.


5 votes

HandMaker is a scripted plug-in that creates a parametric hand with any number of fingers and finger joints - and an optional thumb. Includes finger splay and tapering - adjustable thumb placement and angle - smoothing - and even a button to convert to an Editable Poly when you’re ready to get down and edit the vertices. The mesh is created interactively as a TriMesh.


3 votes

Use this script to paste a posture. Use this with the other Hotkey scripts Posture_Temp_Copy

muscle editor

7 votes

Muscle editor is a macroscript for making a true use of the bone scale/squash options in your rigs.


7 votes

"If you select any piece of a biped and then run this script - it will select the entire biped.
version 1.02 Changed a few variable names and cleaned the code."


4 votes

"This script Position and Orientation constrains one object between two others - with an animateable Custom Attribute for mixing between the two.

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