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Biped Dumper

7 votes

Takes the selected parts of a biped and converts them to objects that have their transforms collapsed. Your biped will not be affected.

Physique Tool

3 votes

"Ever wanted to Mirror Vertex weights with Physique? Of course. Well just use this tool. Be sure you read the tutorial on it here.
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3 votes

Use this script to copy a posture. Use this with the other Hotkey scripts...Posture_Temp_PastePosture_Temp_Paste_Opposite


6 votes

Using a selected biped body part this script will select the rest of the biped. If any of the parts are hidden or frozen they will be unfrozen or unhidden.


3 votes

Turns the tedious process of preparing a character for use with Famous Faces.

Pose Blender

2 votes

"Easily set keyframes on multiple objects by mixing different poses. The positional state of the entire hierarchy is saved to each slider - and new poses can be re-cached at any point. This is ideal for facial animation where many free-floating bones need to be animated."


2 votes

This script adds the ClothFX modifier

solver plane constraint

6 votes

"simpler way to assign target for your IK Solver Swivel Angle. Put this script in Animation>Constraints menu. If the selected object is not an IK Chain object - this action item will be greyed out."


5 votes

This script takes a bunch of specific pointHelpers and auto creates a nice bone and control rig for character animation. This includes custom attributes and a stretchy bone and stretchy arm system - custom finger setup and more.

The pictures here show one of the sample scene files included with the ZIP download - and how the rig looks after just pressing the 'Create All' button.

Key Biped

5 votes

"This tool takes the currently selected biped bone and keys it on every frame with a "body" key. This is extremely useful if you need to save a bip file that has dependencies on other objects in the scene. Warning: This script may have bugs."

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