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1 vote

Bind this script to a hotkey to toggle a bip in and out of figure mode.


3 votes

This script will either (based on the object selected and its' subobject mode) paste a biped posture opposite or paste a skin envelope or mirror paste a skin envelope.


3 votes

Allows you to change the TCB values globally on selected portions of a Biped

Bone Display Toggle

5 votes

Toggles the display of bones in the scene


2 votes

This script will take a biped(s) and add a fig mode prior to the start of the animation.


7 votes

Selects the biped skeleton.


3 votes

When executed it stores all Bips in a floater where they can interactively be placed in and out of figure mode. This is a time saver especially with large scenes with lots of characters.

Hide Trajectories

3 votes

A simple tool that hides all of the trajectories in the current scene.

One Armed Bandit

1 vote

I wrote this script while learning maxscript in order to practice my skills and learn new techniques. I'm often tempted to develop it in to something a little larger. Maybe I can inspire you to pick up the gauntlet?

Biped Dumper

7 votes

Takes the selected parts of a biped and converts them to objects that have their transforms collapsed. Your biped will not be affected.

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