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Creates proximal and distal nodes for muscles out of point helpers


3 votes

Cycles through the selection of siblings in a heirarchy. Also works with envelopes in the Skin modifier.


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Using a set of objects this script creates a stretchy bone system that is based on the positions of those objets

Biped Cataloger

6 votes

Point this script at a directory of .bip files and it will generate AVIs showing what each .bip does. This makes it handy when working with multiple .bips in production because you can look at a directory of AVIs to find the proper file.

Biped Selector

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"This script is made for Character Studio animators. It creates a floaterinterface allowing easier selection of biped's different bodyparts. Thisversion is turned to macroscript for easier usage. New feature is biped listthat allows to select multiple bipeds. Biped list is saved with .max file forlater use."


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"FigStatus is a plugin for 3DS max that will constantly show various properties of an object in the viewport - similar to the hotkey polygon counter in max.


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Use this script to cycle between model hairs to hit the pivot to hair coordsys button.


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Life saver! Will save out the weights of a skin modified object. If you change the mesh of a skinned object any manually setup vert weights get lost. Put them back with this. Can put back weights by index or by position. (Caution: putting weights back by position can take a long time if your object has a lot of faces)

Physique Weight Exporter/Importer

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"Automates the i/o of physique weights:

  • Exporting Physique Weights and Vertex Positions
  • Importing Physique weights via Vertex Index
  • Importing Physique Weights via Vertex Position
  • Importing and Mirroring Weights
  • "

    Morph Controls

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    Helps set up controls for facial morphs - with different controls for symetrical targets as well as a jaw control - very simple but i find it useful becase it separates the keys from different morphtargets so the timeline doesn't get stuffed with keys when doing lip sync etc...

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