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Spline Cagify

Creates a spline cage by following the loops of the selected mesh(es). The result from this script is intended to be a starting point - simple objects like primatives convert accurately but complex objects will need tweaking


A quadmenu option to resize the width/height/taper od many bone objects in one go. (Max4.x only)


rigHelp will help you with the creation of a rig for your 3D character. A rig is a setup to make the animation of a 3D character easier. The rigHelp script uses standard 3dsmax features. You can share your rigged character with other 3dsmax user without the need of plug-ins.


This is an updated version of the PEN_Character_Setup script. Some of it is still not finished but there are significant changes to the Controllers area that I think will be very usful to every one.



  • FinSize enables and and tries to resize Bone Fins based on the size of a selected mesh (Skin). 
  • AllFinsToggle turns all Fins in a Hierarchy of Bones ON or OFF. 
  • SelectAllBones selects the whole hierarchy of a single sel
  • SplineBone

    "Allows you to create a linked bone chain that exactly follows a selected editable spline - regardless of length or segments. The bones are created from vertex to vertex. You can then use the original spline in a spline IK solution if you choose.


    This script is for use with the naming convention described in the Tutorial section.It lets you create a bone chain based on the orientation of a selected object.Once creation is complete you will be prompted for the name of the part that the bone chain i

    IK Interactivity Speedups

    This is a collection of ways to make iteracting with IK faster when using MAXScript.


    Lets you run stitch simulations on a bunch of objects over a bunch of files in a batch process.


    Simple human body creator and deformer

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