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Character Select Utility

7 votes

This is a utility which can generate selection sets for CStudio bipeded characters it came about over automating the task of when merging - Max leaves behind the selection sets.

Add Physique

4 votes

Adds a Physique modifier to the selected object. Allows Physique to be linked to the right click menu

PoseKey tools

5 votes

The 'PoseKey tools' is a concept tool of animation - It use 3ds max's named selection sets to define which objects need be 'set a key' - very similar to 'set key mode' -but the benefit is it works on multiple set.

Skin Radius Fix

7 votes

A simple little one that sets the inner and outer radius of a skin envelope to a fixed size. Easier than doing it by hand if you've a lot of bones.

Hair Stylist's Tools

4 votes

"Hair stylist tools is a collection of scripts to aid guide hair creation for Shag:Hair. It consists of:

  • Place Model Hair: to place guide hairs on surface.
  • Add Model Hair (unique): adds Model Hair modifier to selected splines
  • Add Model Hair (instanced): similar to the unique version - but instead of adding a unique modifier to each splines - it adds an instanced modifier.
  • snapPointOrient

    6 votes

    "This script is similar to what Max's 'Align Tool' does - except you can bind this to a nice hotkey or toolbar button. This will take all selected objects and snap them all to the position and orientation of the last selected object.


    3 votes

    Using a selected biped body part this script will select the rest of the biped. If any of the parts are hidden or frozen they will be unfrozen or unhidden.


    6 votes

    "skeletools is a collection of tools to make bone creation and setup in 3ds max 4 easier. Features include:

    Select Biped

    4 votes

    Select any limb of a Biped character. Works best when assigned to keyboard short cuts.


    2 votes

    "Export to an external file all vertex weighting data for a selected model and the vertex weighting data can be re-applied when necessary. This is a quick way to make external back-ups during the skinning process."

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