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Bind this script to a hotkey to toggle a bip in and out of figure mode.


This script will either (based on the object selected and its' subobject mode) paste a biped posture opposite or paste a skin envelope or mirror paste a skin envelope.


Turns the tedious process of preparing a character for use with Famous Faces.

Pose Blender

"Easily set keyframes on multiple objects by mixing different poses. The positional state of the entire hierarchy is saved to each slider - and new poses can be re-cached at any point. This is ideal for facial animation where many free-floating bones need to be animated."


This script will take a biped(s) and add a fig mode prior to the start of the animation.

solver plane constraint

"simpler way to assign target for your IK Solver Swivel Angle. Put this script in Animation>Constraints menu. If the selected object is not an IK Chain object - this action item will be greyed out."


When executed it stores all Bips in a floater where they can interactively be placed in and out of figure mode. This is a time saver especially with large scenes with lots of characters.

Hide Trajectories

A simple tool that hides all of the trajectories in the current scene.

One Armed Bandit

I wrote this script while learning maxscript in order to practice my skills and learn new techniques. I'm often tempted to develop it in to something a little larger. Maybe I can inspire you to pick up the gauntlet?


Creates a splineIK chain similar to Mayas using a spline Line path - and multiple new IK bone chains path constrained to the path at increasing percentages. This pretty much will allow you to do tails or dinosaur type necks in max 4 - without all that weird spline stuff that happens if you skin directly to a spline.

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