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Hide/Unhide Biped

A simple tool that allows you to hide or unhide all bipeds in the current scene.

Biped Selector

This script makes selecting biped bones a breeze. A floating window contains an intuitive graphical selection of buttons to allow the user to quickly select any biped limb.


Binds spline vertices to point helpers via John Burnett's BindPoints modifier. Means you can animate vertices without going to subobject mode. Yummy! It can be useful to animate (and deform) tail - tentacles - etc.

Mirror Bones

"Mirror Bones is a bone mirroring utility - which - unlike the standard mirror tool - it does not perform negative scaling. Therefore it doesn't flips the local Y axis - and thus prevents reversed rotation when rotating bones using local coordinate system.
This tool is designed to mirror bone only. It has not been tested on other objects. "


Bind this script to a hotkey to toggle a bip in and out of figure mode.


This script will either (based on the object selected and its' subobject mode) paste a biped posture opposite or paste a skin envelope or mirror paste a skin envelope.


Allows you to change the TCB values globally on selected portions of a Biped

Bone Display Toggle

Toggles the display of bones in the scene


This script will take a biped(s) and add a fig mode prior to the start of the animation.


Selects the biped skeleton.

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