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Quick Mask

Quick black and white mask from the selected objects

Quick Mask

Now support XRef Scenes


A set of functions wrapped into a minimalist single-click button to help 3ds Max and Nuke artists to bring the 3ds Max 3d scene assets into Nuke's powerful 3d compositing scene.

This tool allows:

1) Copy cameras and any other objects (as points) and their animation into clipboard for an easy Copy+Paste action inside Nuke.

2) Generate .chan files from selected cameras and any other objects (as points) and save them either many at once or one at a time to selected destination.

Macro Snippets

Show Vert Nums
Quick Z Direction
Distance to Clipboard
Angle to Clipboard

Copy/Paste Material to File

This script was inspired by Copy/Paste Obects v0.2 by Christopher Grant .

Modifiers Clipboard

Clipboard for modifiers.

!!! UPDATE !!!

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