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A script requested in the forum.
Useful for some game engines.


Mirror Animation Modifier

Mirror position/rotation animation tool written as modifier.

Mirror Animation

Dups Instancer

Instance duplicate nodes, materials, texture maps, modifiers, controllers.

Dups Instancer

Copy \ Paste Biped animation

Quick copy and paste Biped animation to another biped from one instance of max and paste them into another.

Copy/Paste Biped Animation V 1.0
- Main idea Tools.
- macroscript file.

Updated :
Copy/Paste Biped Animation V 2.0
- Added some option for copy or paste.
- Added paste replace or merge bip motion as option.

Non-Destructive Freeze Transform

Freeze and/or zero-out transforms on objects while keeping all existing controllers in-tact. This means any existing constraints, script controllers, expression controllers, noise controllers, etc., will still be there afterwards.


This script will mass assign controllers of almost any type to position - rotation or scale.

Rigging Army Knife

This is an advanced toolset for rigging. For a full features list refer to the included readme.


Use this script to create a grid helper at the selected object pivot.


This Script will allow you to pick points on a selected object to create a face that will be attached to that objects' surface.Once the new face is created you have the option to attach a null on the surface of the new face.