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One Click Albedo for Corona render and V-ray

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Script Description:

This script is made to automatically adjust the albedo of materials in the scene. Too high albedo may slow rendering process down and make the materials look unrealistic. Especially when an object with a high albedo occupies the most part of frame area. Corona Render developers recommend to keep albedo of your materials under RGB 180 (For diffuse color or texture).

Plane Lens Distortion

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Plane Lens Distortion (PL Distortion) it is the primitive plane with applied UV mapping coordinates which allows you to correct lens distortions on Bitmap of assigned Material.

Maxwell Camera Offset

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Update 1.1: Added exposre dialog for adjusting parameters without changing camera exposure, and support for render regions in the offset viewport.

I have a new script that displays the Maxwell camera offset in the viewport. You can switch it on and see a masked region of the viewport (make sure safe frames are turned on) and move the camera, pan, zoom, etc. with it on.

offset ui preview

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