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Char Key All

A very simple script that hopefully will help animators with their workflow.
01) Define a Named Selection Set with all your character's bones, controllers, IKTargets (eg.CAT Platform), etc...etc...whatever you need to animate your character.
02) run Char_Key_All script, the panel will pop up at the bottom near the big Key
03) Select the char that you are animating from drop down list.

Copy and Acquire

This is a simple maxScript to make a copy from a base object and Acquire Position Rotation Scale and Material from the targets.

copy and acquire v1.0



DTiming is a tool used by Animators to create a Timing reference in 3dsMax, it records the pressing of a key in real-time and convert it into keyframes, it also gives sound feedback on the Timing since Animators like to use sounds when talking about Timing ;)

Ghost Keyer 2

Ghost Keyer 2 will allow you to key objects without having to select them. You can create custom groups of objects that will be keyed together. 

Ghost Keyer 2 UI-4

Key Transfer


Version 3.0

Script for simple animation appearance / disappearance of the object.

Set individual transform keys

Need to key only the X position, or the Z rotation? This is a very basic script that pops up a little window having position X, Y and Z buttons individually, and the same for rotation. I left scale out of this since you'd have to assign a new controller for that to happen individually.


very simple script to shift key based on any object distance will shift key from them
with randomizing option very easy very simple
it`s just a smaller version of shiftkey
hope u like the script

Store Frame Markers

This is a simple little floater that allows you to store and recal frames in time. By default it sets markers at 10% intervals across the timeline. Shift+Click to memorize a frame number.



Timeline Addon

Timeline Addon 2.0.8-42

Adds more functionality to the 3ds Max timeline. You can:

  • adjust timeline start, end, slider and length
  • navigate through frames and keys
  • move, select, align, reverse keys
  • set timeline bookmarks
  • show info about ram and cpu usage
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