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this script assigns standard material for selection of objects and restores original materials. made for easing painting of objects in cinema4d if you have non-standard materials (i.e. vray material as exporting to cinema4d does not recognize standard materials)

car wheel

this script animates wheels for cars running along spline. it creates keys for wheels rotations and front wheels steering. probably not perfect but quick.



this script will randomize materials across selected objects. you can load materials from libraries, multimaterial and material editor slots. each materials has its weight.



with this script you can toggle NURMS or meshsmooth or turbosmooth on mesh or poly objects. change iterations up and down for NURMS meshsmooth and turbosmooth. multiple objects selection is also supported.



this script scans folders and makes previews of max files in them. a number of options are available. not perfect but it works:)



this script sets random material IDs to poly elements



this script animates visibility parameter of a group of objects depending on position or volume of a "revealer" object


this script creates spline (splines) from simple particle systems (except particle flow system)



this script converts colors from one gamma space to another. it affects color picker fields in material editor.



this is a replacement for the standard xref scene manager with the main goal - allowing you to switch on/off xref scenes quickly. just click on an item in the list.

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