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3D Procedural Texture Interpreter

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Well i made up with the help of my teacher, Enrique Rosales, a script to interpret 3d texture information, by now it only renders the display but i will continue working on this script so it can generate the texture in a .jpg file or something like that.
You would understand in the video what it does, unfortunately the script, for my standarts, its far from being finished, so i am not posting it for the moment, but i hope i could post some demo for the script in the future.

House Creator

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This script works at creating or capturing mainly what some planes of architectuals proyects represent, this by importing them and adding values at every desired layer.


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Katana is a tool for destruction in 3d max

Morpher Floater

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Preview Tools (With Mp4 Option)*

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      I need to create previews on a daily basis. I am tired of copying the preview file manually and rename it. So. I did a very simple Tool to Auto-Copy and AutoRename the Preview files to the same place where my scene is. This works for me, but maybe not for you. It´s very simple to edit the script for your needs. But i plan to add new features like Folder setup in the future...

Wave Generator

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I'm currently working on a wave generator.

I ll give asap a dl link



New Shader test



Some foam tests


Vray Mat Lister

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to share a script I have made.
It's for Vray and it makes a list of all your VrayMtl (and of the main parameters) you have in your scene.

This tool allow you to modify all your vray materials parameters quickly. Globally it works like the Vray Lightlister

Average Normals

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Average Normals is a MAXScript that averages all the vertex normals for each selected faces, so they all point the same direction.


Give me back my dialogs!

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Window box is a script (and tutorial) to show you how you can use Dotnet and Win32 methods to get back dialogs you have lost from using multiple monitors.

UPDATE 2.4.2

Fixed an issue with monitor data, it now centers correctly on all screens. Sorry for the delay in finding that one. 

Loop Regularizer

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Rearranges loops in regular n-gons.

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