Tagged 'Misc'

Scatter Boy

This script will randomize either single/multiple objects position - rotation - and/or scale. It will recognize selection sets or you can create your own within the script. You can also randomize light colors and multiplier.

Random Select

Will randomly select objects in your scene.


"Contains all the scripts contained in previous BSPacks. PLUS Updated Scripts: LightUtilities (big update) - ViewCamera"

Delete Minor Versions

"This utility allows you to easily delete minor versions saved with the safeSave Minor Increment tool. (Idea by Dave Stewart)
1.1 Update: Added the option to archive the files (using MaxZip). Fixed some minor bugs."


The ultimate script for people playing with GI engines with their computer in the bedroom :)) AutoShutdown your computer after the rendering. Don't forget to output your rendering to a file and close any other application that requires a 'quit-confirmation.

Check List

Creates a simple 'todo' list that saves with the max file.


"Adds an undo/redo feature only for selection(doesn't affect max's undo)."

my Layer

"Advanced display organize / Layer manager tool - Hide/ show/ freeze/ select objects in a click (on object base or whole layer) whithout switching panels or having the big display floater in screen all the time. Organize your objects into layers - just like you would do in photoshop [To make sure you get the best out of this tool - read the HTML helpfile]

Procedural Motion Baker

This script will convert procedural/hierarchical animation into keyframe animation.

Project Changer

Lets you set up different projects and without restarting max use different map paths etc.