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16 x 9 Effect (Letterbox)

This script will crop the top and bottom of your image to give you a letterbox effect.


"Here is a script that calculates the 2D position of a 3D object on the rendered image depending on the camera properties and render resolution. Two files are exported containing animation curves to be loaded into Shake for tracking purpose. It doesn't matter if the object isn't visible on screen.

360 Render World

360 Render World is a panoramic camera making it possible to obtain renders with 360 degrees of a scene. Its originality is to be able to treat these made panoramic while taking account of an angle of sight what makes it possible to obtain made original likely to follow the curve of an arc without producing deformation.


This script consists of three very simple filters: Minimum - Median and Maximum. For examples view the homepage.

Amuze DOF

Lets you render scenes with true depth of field.

Animated Grass Generator Script

Animated Grass Generator, by MaVCArt

this script generates grass that grows in an animated fashion around a certain point, all defined by the user.

you can edit:

growth radius
growth speed (now available!)
type of grass strand (4 types!) (only two types are yet available)
size of grass strand (available!)
randomness of the grass placement (available to a certain amount, not yet user defined though)
grass strands spacing (not yet available)
strand detail (4 modes!) (not yet available)


Render a viewport with Aliased RGB channels and Anti-Aliased Alpha or the other way round...

Auto Object ID

A script I modified to automatically create Object ID for all the objects selected in the scene. It has Vray friendly option now.


An example script to render a background image at the same size as the VirtualFrameBuffer. Can also - be used to resize an image. Modify to incorporate in a script.

Batch Camera Render

This script aims to replace standard 3dsmax's Batch Render and imitates Houdini Output Node workflow. Using it you can specify rendering parameters - frame size, frame number, output path - directly to camera object, so every camera in scene 'knows' what it intended to render. Additional functionality is Lighting Assignment - you can specify which light will be turn on or off for selected camera during the rendering.

UPDATE 6 January 2015

Vray Elements fixed for Vray 3 and Vray output saving with VFB color correction

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