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Found this nice little free 'unbiased' renderer a week ago named Indigo. Real fun to play around with and as such I scripted up a 3dsmax interface for it. Give it a shot in case youre bored ;)


Easy way to set VrayHDRI map. Select object with VrayHDRI map and run the script

Tutorial - http://www.tepavicharov.com/scripts/vray_hdri_tool_preview.avi



This script renders all visible cameras in the scene with the choosen render settings

Mechnology Viewrender

Mechnology ViewRender was originally written to help us light scenes interactively. It has the ability to update a render as you move objects - lights - or cameras in your scene.

New features added since version 0.5:
* Added the ability to render only selected objects
* Limited use of the Right-Click menu

MaxtoAE freeware

This script converts movement in 3ds max to After Effects.(converting 3d positional data into 2d positional data) Great for tracking with objects - replacing footage using corner pinning etc..data can be pasted straight to a layer. The script can be downloaded from Adobe studio exchange/after effects/ plugins.

Copy To Clipboard

CopyToClipboard - 3DS MAX Render Effect allows you to copy the rendered image to the Windows clipboard.

- v1.0.1 (20.10.2007) added support for MAX 2008.

Pass Monkey

The PassMonkey is the precursor to the RenderMonkey that is currently in development. This allows you to set your scene based off of your selection sets and your saved render presets. Has controls for environment background maps - toggling atmospherics and effects as well.


infoOverlay UI screenshotUpdated to v0.9 - This Render Effect displays additional information such as frame number - file name - render time etc. as overlay onto your rendered image. Useful for previews - previzualisation and other non-final renderings - should work with any 3dsmax-compliant renderer. All parameters animatable. 


mR_pRime is a script for Autodesk 3dsmax 7 and 7.5 containing preset render settings for the included mental ray renderer. Each preset have been carefully optimized for both speed and quality - resulting in easy and quick view of your renders.

Render Frame Adder

Very simple little script - Allows you to set frames to be rendered. Scrub through your timeline and hit 'Add' to add the current frame to the render queue. Hit 'Update' when you're done - and the frames will be added to the queue.