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Vray ambient occlusion

This script renders an ambient occlusion pass with VRay from any scene - without changing anything. There is no need to prepare the scene in any way either.

VRay 1.5 or higher is required for the script to run!
If you are using VRay 1.46, there is an older version available, without dirtmap features.



This is a free Renderman exporter for 3DSMax. It enables you to render your scenes using any Renderman complient renderer. For now - it doesn't do very much. It is after all a first alpha version - but it is usable to some extent. It exports you camera - lights and geometry (currenty - all geometry is exported using either polygons or subdivision meshes.) It does not export particles - though I would like to add them at some point. A lot of max attributes are not supported yet.

Netrender Low Priority

When network rendering - 3DSMax defaults to 'normal' priority unless you set it otherwise. This script tells max to run in low priority (so that the system doesn't completely lockup) but ONLY when network rendering. If Max is launched normally by a user - it wont be affected.

MTO (Max Transparency Override)

Probably obsolete soon - but here is a simple rollout that enables you to set the 'max transp - levels' to greater than 100 in V-Ray (usefull when you have a lot of overlapping transparent objects and the environment shows when it shouldn't).

NOTE: 12/10/04 Fixed error message generated from incorrect .mzp file...

Imap Control

Imap Control alows you to save a series of Irradiance maps per frame with V-Ray® and then allows you to reuse those maps per frame - It also is useful to save incremental maps when creating Incremental add maps - saving progress incase of a crash.

NOTE: 12/10/04 Fixed error message generated from incorrect .mzp file...

VRay preset manager

VRay preset manager is a frontend to the VRay renderer.

-) quickly create and share presets of your rendering settings.
-) global (affect all settings) and partial (affect only selected settings) presets.
-) link mode syncs draft settings to production settings - for fast previews.
-) presets for VRay Advanced are included.


cubicVR is everything you need to create cubic QTVR files - as seen below - from 3ds max.


Preview to RAM player tools

This one is two scripts - one to create and one to play. All the player will do is bring up the create preview dialog and after creating the preview - will ask whether you wish to view the preview in the RAM player. As for the player - well - I know other people have created the same script - but... well... I thought I'd make my own version (and I suddenly can't think why).

Radiosity Quickbar

A macroscript which produces a space-saving floater that allows you to start/stop/reset the radiosity solution - and change the meshing size. Has a progress bar to show you how far the solution has got - but it doesn't always seem to update on heavy scenes.


Renders all cameras in the scene with current render settings - sending the jobs to the Backburner Manager. Will need editing if you use a non subnet mask.