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Skin Helper

15 votes

A tool to help setting vertex weights when skinning.

Changes in version 0.90:

  • Added: option to sort list by bone name (turned on by default).
  • Added: Restoring the bones list position after list update (if possible).
  • Fixed: updating values didn\'t work sometimes due to precision issues.

Changes in version 0.85:

AK-BonesPro to Skin

10 votes

as we all know bonesPro is incredibly fast vs skin that is very safe, plus after all BP is a plugin and maybe sometime digimation guys decide to donot update it for upper max versions...so it will be a good idea to be able to convert BP data to skin. So this script does it for you, I hope you like it.
It applies skin modifier right after BP and keeps any other modifiers obove it; also it dissables BP but keeps it for you.If you have a dense mesh it will be slow but for modeles under 1500 vertices it works fast.


68 votes


 Joint Bend Rig Elbow Setup PreviewJOINT BEND RIG Shoulder Setup Preview

A Tool to greatly speed up and simplify the process of skinning the joints of characters,especially shoulders and hips which are notoriously difficult to skin. THE NEW VERSION 2 OF THE JOINT BEND RIG HAS A BIAS CONTROL TO CONTROL THE AMOUNT OF TWIST IN THE JOINT


Skin Envelope Manipulator

17 votes

With this script you can fast and easy setup skin Envelopes for your character or other object that has skin modifier.

Ak-Add selection to skin

5 votes

1- place your mesh, place your bones and etc...
2- select the bons/objects you want to be involved in skin
3- run the script(via hotkey or quad menue etc.) and click on your mesh(it doesn't need skin to be applied )

BEND RIG 3 / 3.5

11 votes

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