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This script comes in 6 macros - rolled into 2 script files. The script flattens splines to an X - Y or Z snap point. You select the spline - select the verts you want affected and then use the command. The script creates 6 commands - Flatten_Spline_X - Flatten_Spline_Y... Fatten_B_Spline_X and so on. The non B version moves the verts to the proper location but will not adjust Bezier Handles.

FreeHand Spline

Draw Freehand splines with custom segment size in any viewport using the mouse. Similar to the 3DS DOS / 2D Shaper function.

FreeHand Spline

"Draw Freehand splines with custom segment size in any viewport using the mouse. Similar to the 3DS DOS / 2D Shaper function.
Updated for 3ds max r4 by Swami Lama"


Bobo's 'freehandspline15.ms' as a MacroScript for MAX r3.x. Contains brief explanation of how to convert UtilityScript to MacroScript.

Here's the original description: "FreehandSpline (FHS) lets you draw freeform splines with the mouse or tablet similar to drawing with a pencil. It lets you quickly create complex shapes with control over form and quality."

Frodo's Magic Scripts Pack


this is a small package of my latest scripts, i hope you'll find them usefull.

Camera lister - usefull for fast navigation and selection of scene cameras
Autobackup check - you'll never forget to turn autoback on
Speed meter - measures speed of selected object
Grider - slices object by grid
Center & Reset - resets xform and centers pivot
Aligh spline to Z - flattens spline in Z direction
Object ID - assigns random g-buffer ID to whole scene

Fuse n' Weld

Takes all vertices in a shape - compares them to their closest neighbour and moves them to an average position if within the threshold.

Geo Spline Helper

This is a geo spline I've create for 3ds max. Right now it displays a pop up dialog when the script is run, from there you can create a geo spline. I'm working on making it a scripted spline plugin. That will allow users to create it similar to when you create a circle or rectangle spline. If anyone knows how to go about doing that feel free to modify the script and then upload here to script spot.
John "Joker" Martini

c & c's are welcome!

Knot smooth

Smooth out bezier knot handles. Try it - you might like it.


Sets selected vertices in a spline to smooth and then bezier - something I often do in two steps by hand. Only works on base level editable splines or lines.

Labyrinth Maker


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