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Mirrors the selected object along the X - Y or Z world axis - with options for copy or instance. Like the mirror tool - but lets you do some common mirror operations with far fewer mouseclicks.

Base Pivot

This script will set the pivot point of all selected objects to be at the centre of their bases.


Align Position Y of selection to target from Pivot to Pivot


Lets you translate - rotate and scale a group of objects by a random amount.

Biped Pivot Points

This script will toggle through the most common pivot points of a biped’s foot to help speed the creation of animations.


Align Position Z of selection to target from Center to Center


Lets you select objects based on their position - rotation or scale.


Run this script to check if objects have 0 -0 -0 rotation


Align Position Z of selection to target from Pivot to Pivot

Rotation > frame > axis

This script allows the user to choose a rotation angle - frame number and axis - and it will rotate an object and generate a keyframe for that rotation.

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