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XUI Floater

A compacted floater that is useful when working in Expert mode in 3dsmax. I created this to just speed up my workflow. Lots of simple UI buttons and categories. Also right-click options to run more commands. Watch the simple video to understand the use and workflow.

Cleaning PhysX Menu Duplicates

If you customize your UI a bit and have installed the "3dsMax 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack" or the NVidia PhysX utility for 3dsMax, you should notice that it adds menus to the Customize Dialog every time you run 3dsMax. In a month or so, you will probably have to scroll over a thousand duplicates in the Customize Menus Dialog.

I had a quick look in the PhysX MaxScript files, but I don't want to mess with it. Instead, I made this simple script, that will remove all PhysX menus when 3dsMax shuts down. Don't worry, they'll be added again next time you start.

Close Infocenter in 3dsmax

no infocenter

If you don't use Infocenter there is a way how to close it. Just download this script and put it to your ..\Scripts\Startup\ folder. (usually c:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\Scripts\Startup\). Enjoy!

Go to next/previous frame/key

is a collection of
four very simple scripts that allow you to set individual hotkeys to go
to the next and previous frames in your timeline and the next and
previous keyframes of your selected object. Basically I made
these because when it comes to navigating frames forward and
by hotkey, I prefer maya's way of doing it as opposed to max's toggle

Shaded/Hidden Line/Wireframe Display Toggle

smoothHiddenLineWireframe is a scripted display toggle that switches between shaded, hidden line and wireframe.

Toggle Trackbar and Timeslider

Will Toggle the display of the the trackbar and timeslider.

Tab bar for max

Brings the good ol' tab bar back to max 6 or 7 or 8.

Morph UI Creator

A maxscript to Auto create morph UI.
Multiple UI types : 4, 3 and 2 morphs linker.


Use this script to do a hold then execute a quick render


This script will set the transform center to Pivot

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