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Viewport Grabber

5 votes

This script lets you grab the currently active Viewport and save the images. You can set a timer to grab sequences - or turn on AutoGrab - which will grab the viewport every time you change something.


4 votes

Created for creation of screen captures for instructional tutorials - etc. Captures the current viewport in max - saves it as a sequentially named .bmp file. Creates a new .bmp every time you click the button. Saves the files as: 0001.bmp - 0002.bmp - 0003.bmp - etc. A thumbnail of each saved image is displayed in the control. Controls minimal to save screen space.

Viewport BG Switcher

5 votes

A little interface for loading images and setting them as viewport backgrounds. Hit 'Load' to add images - and 'Remove' to remove them. 'Apply' sets an image as the viewport background - 'View' lets you view the image - and 'Dialog' brings up the max background dialog. The list of images does not save with the scene in max7 unfortunately.

Viewport Helper

3 votes

This is a simple script to help viewport controls when working in max.I have tested it with max 8 but i don't see why it should not work in versions below. This script opens up a dialog to help switch between the different views without hotkeys - and using the drop down menu - i have now added more buttons for faster work.

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