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Feathers RigTools 3dsmax

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Hi Everybody
Recently I've Done a Simple 3dsmax Script For Making Number Of Feathers Which Every Single Feathers Can Control By Animator Plus Wind Simulation on Feathers and its Kind of Auto rigger For Feathers Stuff.
i am sure there will be some bugs , so please let me a comment if you find one . Thankyou :)
and i can make a howtouse Tutorial for that if i find out you are interested.


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MaxPaint is 3D painting Script. 

*** 0.82 --> 0.88a update ***
- add: color balance
- add: bright/contrast
- add: hue/saturation
- add: Lasso selection Faether
- some bug fix


16 votes

This Script makes a 3D graphic equalizer type effect. The Script runs with a small program written in C++, the program reads an audio file and passes the data into a fft algorithm then outputs data to a text file the  max script then reads the data file and makes a  set of objects it then animates them. so you end up with a set of objects dancing to the music if your audio file was a music track.

Material ID Organizer

14 votes

 - Support for Corona G-Buffer ID and CMultiMatte
 - Filter - show materials from selected only (MatEditor, SME or Objects)
 - "A" buttons :
    - Automatic Select from... MatEditor, SME or Objects
    - Automatic Filter from... MatEditor, SME or Objects


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Voxelator is a grid based voxel generating solution for 3ds Max. It supports all object and animation types and converts them to voxel boxes in a few seconds. You can define unlimited grid density and size. And also you can animate your voxel sizes ,after you generate them!...


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•••ScriptRun is a free maxscript tool that allow you to easy search through your script
collections inside different directories, run selected script, open in the MaxScriptEditor
if you need to make some changes or make the favorites list for latter use.
Also there is a quickRun method for the "Last Used Script"
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• VERSION 1.5

Pre-Render Script over network - Working method!

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For my specific reason I needed to send a render of a selected object. I've been trying unsuccessfully to send a job to render over the network using the "setRenderType #selected" active to render a selected item only.
(in combination with VRay's "renderers.current.imageSampler_renderMask_type = 2")

Problem is - once it gets to the network, my object is no longer selected.

So I delved into the Pre-Render script. However, even though I managed to create a small single-line script that selects my object and set it to run before the render (pre-render) - Max would constantly ignore it:

VFB+ : A Feature-rich Extension to the 3dsmax Frame Buffer

63 votes

VFB+ v2.8 is now completely free!

Click for Change Log


2 votes

MAXScript for build Chinese Knot model.


6 votes

mmRegions is a free script which helps you manage the render regions in your scene. Use is to save/load different regions, and to batch-render multiple regions.

See the download link for installation instructions and additional info.

 V1.15 New Features:

  • Fixed: X/Y spinners had a wrong minimum range of 1, it has been fixed to 0.

V1.1 New Features:

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